Ukraine-Russia War Update, 7 Russian Armory Destroyed in Just 72 Hours

Ukrainian-Russian War Update, 7 Russian Armory Destroyed in Just 72 Hours
7 Russian Armory Destroyed in Just 72 Hours

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- The battle between Russia and Ukraine has entered a new chapter. Both countries were encouraged to launch long-range attacks using artillery. From the Russian side, they used a fairly simple tactic in Northern Donetsk, namely a two-way attack to encircle and occupy it.

What's more, the Kremlin has the advantage in terms of strength and firepower, but so far they haven't shown any significant progress. "Russian soldiers have experienced many failures and failures in carrying out their missions, showing that their soldiers have serious problems, such as morale," quoting Defense View.

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Northern Donetsk, which should have been taken over by Russia in early June, is in fact still in the midst of fighting. Although Putin's army has taken control of most of the city, the Ukrainian army in Northern Donetsk is still getting supplies of weapons.

So that they can survive the onslaught of Russia almost all the time and continue to increase their troops. And although the Russian onslaught did not stop and escalated, they still could not push back the Ukrainian troops in Northern Donetsk.

Like Northern Donetsk, the city of Lysychansk has irreplaceable importance for the Kremlin. citing Defense View, it is said that these two cities are the main focus for Russia.

If they manage to occupy North Donetsk and the city of Lysychansk, then Putin's military operation is officially a success, namely the complete liberation of Donbas. The Russian government has made it clear that Crimea and the Donbas region are not the focus of negotiations with Ukraine.

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In other words, President Putin and his staff have assumed that these two places are already part of Russia. And designated them as the Republic of Donetsk and the Republic of Luhansk.

But given that these two republics are not recognized by most countries in the world, it is necessary for Russia to keep them.

Russia's retreat there

Apart from a very fierce firefight, the Russian army in Northern Donetsk was in fact almost defenseless. With that much power, Russia could not push back the Ukrainian army, which raised a lot of suspicion. "The Russian army wins every day, but why hasn't the front line changed?"

"Perhaps to create focus, they are trying to return to Kharkiv," said Vadim Denisenko, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister, quoted by Defense View. They are making Kharkiv a frontline city and bringing it into the reach of Russian artillery, Denisenko added.

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On the other hand, it is clear that even with the help of NATO, Ukrainian forces are finding it difficult to withstand Russian artillery fire. The Ukrainian artillery line of defense was suppressed by the scale advantage of Russian artillery, and Zelensky needed to use other tactics.

President Zelensky hoped that the West would provide long-range weapons with a range of several hundred miles. The weapon can be used to destroy Russian artillery positions and their air defenses from a safe distance.

Meanwhile, from the Russian side, they were also pressured by the Ukrainian defense line. The Russian Air Force with its planes could not fully operate in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe eastern front. Where they can only fly low, to avoid attacks from the Ukrainian defense forces.

Various sources indicate that Ukrainian artillery once again managed to knock out the command post of the 20th Army of the Western Military District of Russia near Kharkiv. Even in recent days, in addition to artillery, the Ukrainian Air Force also achieved great success.

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They managed to destroy the Krasnyi luch armory near the city of Donetsk, the main arsenal of the Luhansk Second Army. The Russian army's ability to cope with Ukrainian air strikes appears to be declining.

Within 72 hours, 7 Russian arsenals had been destroyed, it seems that their positions were suddenly discovered by the Ukrainian army.

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