UK General Sir Patrick Sanders Ready To Provide Troop Support To Ukraine If Needed

UK General Sir Patrick Sanders Ready To Provide Troop Support To Ukraine If Needed
UK General Sir Patrick Sanders Ready To Provide Troop Support To Ukraine If Needed

International Military - Russia's invasion of Ukraine which began on February 24 has attracted the attention of many countries. Not a few countries have imposed sanctions on Russia due to a conflict that Moscow often calls a special military operation.

Although it is known that several countries have also provided support to Moscow in this regard. In addition, Western countries are also seen to have provided support and assistance to Ukraine, to fight the attack from Moscow.

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Quoted from News Sky, the British general, Sir Patrick Sanders, also commented on the actions to be taken later related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Sanders said the current goal was to protect Britain and expressed readiness for war.

"Russia's invasion of Ukraine underscores our core aim to protect Britain by being ready to fight and win the war on the ground," he said. In addition, he also said that at this time the desire and enthusiasm to form an Army was indeed burning among them.

This was also done in preparation for being able to fight with the allies to defeat Russia. "Now there is a burning imperative to form an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle," he added.

He added, the current generation must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again. It should also be noted that the Prime Minister to the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stotenberg, has indeed given a warning.

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It reminds troops to be prepared to offer long-term support for Ukraine and the conflict with Moscow. Stotenberg also called on allies to continue providing support to Ukraine. "Even if the costs are high, not only in terms of military aid, but also because of rising energy and food prices," he said.

Regarding the conflict in Ukraine, Mark Voyger's Transatlantic Defense and Security Program at the Center for European Analysis said that Russia may have increased its forces. Especially after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is known to have been going on for four months, since last February.

In addition, former US Army advisers have also issued warnings to allies. This happened because according to him Belarusian troops would also potentially be deployed to Ukraine in the near future.

This is because the Belarusian military will hold training during this month and next July in the Gomel region. The area is also known to be right on the direct border with Kyiv. "This exercise will raise serious concerns," he said

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With this in mind, he said that Russia and its allies have consistently used military exercises as a mask to cover up their aggressive actions.

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