Ukraine Loses 100 Soldiers And Deficiency Weapons Against Russia Every Day

Ukraine Loses 100 Soldiers And Deficiency Weapons Against Russia Every Day
Ukraine Loses 100 Soldiers And Deficiency Weapons Against Russia Every Day

International Military - Ukraine is still at war with Russia. Ukraine received various aids from Western countries to respond to attacks from Russia. The United States became one of the countries that helped Ukraine. The US promised to send heavy weapons assistance.

Quoted from Al Jazeera, it is known that so far Ukrainian troops have scored several successes against Russia. But behind the success achieved, the Ukrainian leadership also said that it had lost arms to Moscow.

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The Ukrainian army is said to have lost a lot of weapons at a time when Moscow is focusing its attacks on the Donbas region. Previously, Western governments had promised a number of howitzers, armored vehicles, and anti-tank and air weapons to Ukraine.

However, the desire to deliver the weapon seems to be in a bit of a mess. Especially when the side effects of war are currently also affecting the economic sector and global growth.

Reported earlier on June 13, the Ukrainian Joint Forces command said that they had managed to retake three settlements from Russia. In fact they have also managed to push the front line as far as 15km or 9 miles.

But worse, deputy to Ukrainian military intelligence, Vadym Skibitsky said that currently Ukraine is on the verge of defeat. This is likely because the battle in the city of Severdotetsk, Russia has used its superior weapons.

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"In our estimation, Russia still has the potential to wage a long-term war against Ukraine," he said. Therefore, Skibitsky said that the weapons that have been handed over to NATO at this time are not enough to fight Moscow forces.

In this regard, the Governor of Luhansk Serhiy Haidai said that indeed Ukraine had previously cleaned up almost the entire city. But he said that it turned out that Russia also had a new tactic in this regard.

After realizing it, the Russians began leveling the area using air strikes and artillery. With this attack, of course, making high-rise buildings destroyed and flat on the ground.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that almost every day Ukraine could lose up to 100 troops. So in this case, the Ukrainian troops really need this assistance so that it can be immediately sent to them.

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Ukraine is in dire need of heavy and very fast weapons, including hundreds of armored vehicles, fighter jets, anti-aircraft and missile systems, to multi-launch rocket systems. In this regard, Rezkinov said that the cure for this bloody stalemate is more weapons.

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