Ukraine Admits Drone Attacks On 3 Russian Airstrips And Destroys Tu-95 Bombers

Ukraine Admits Drone Attacks On 3 Russian Airstrips And Destroys Tu-95 Bombers
Ukraine Admits Drone Attacks On 3 Russian Airstrips And Destroys Tu-95 Bombers

Kiev - A Ukrainian security official has claimed that Kiev was responsible for drone attacks on three Russian airstrips in the second day in a row. "It was a very successful, very effective Ukrainian drone," the official told The Washington Post on condition of anonymity, alluding to the sensitive operation. The official added that Russia has sown the seeds of anger and they will reap a whirlwind, as stated by the United States (US)-based media, Wednesday (7/12/2022).

Previously three Russian airstrips were hit by drone strikes in two consecutive days. The first attacks occurred early Monday, when two explosions were reported at a Russian base near the city of Ryazan, southeast of Moscow, and another base in the Saratov region. The explosion at Engels' base in Saratov was shared on Twitter by Belarusian news outlet Nexta.

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Initially the video appears to have been taken from some type of security camera footage it only shows a few parked cars. A huge flash of light was then seen for a moment in the distance. Nexta reported that the explosion was caused by a drone strike and destroyed two Russian Tu-95 bombers.

The Tu-95, also known as the "Bear", is a bomber that can carry heavy payloads, including nuclear weapons, over long distances. Read: Ukrainian Drone Attacks Hit Russian Airfields, Paralyzing 2 Nuclear Bombers Then on Tuesday, a Russian airfield was again the target of a drone attack which caused an oil tank to catch fire.

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The governor of Russia's Kursk region, Roman Starovoyt, said in a Telegram post that the drone strike started a fire in the Kursk airport area and the blaze was contained by crews at the scene. Ukraine has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack and has deliberately kept secret its role in several explosions at strategically important Russian military sites in recent months.

The attack once again demonstrated Ukraine's ability to reach Russian territory one day after its troops attacked two other air bases hundreds of miles inside Russia. The strikes have also revealed major vulnerabilities in Russia's air defenses and sent a signal to Moscow that its strategic assets far from active combat zones are not off limits to the plucky Ukrainian military.


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