Ukrainian Drone Attacks Hit Russian Air Base And Destroyed 2 Tu-95 Bombers, Watch The Video!

Ukrainian Drone Attacks Hit Russian Air Base And Destroyed 2 Tu-95 Bombers
Ukrainian Drone Attacks Hit Russian Air Base And Destroyed 2 Tu-95 Bombers

Kiev - A video allegedly showing a drone attack on a Russian air base on Monday shows the moment in which two Russian planes capable of carrying nuclear bombs are reportedly destroyed.

Early Monday, two explosions were reported at a Russian base near the city of Ryazan, southeast of Moscow, and another base in the Saratov region. The explosion at the Engels base in Saratov, which Radio Free Europe says is some 600 kilometers from Ukraine, is what is described in footage shared Monday on Twitter by Belarusian news outlet Nexta.

Initially the video appears to have been taken from some type of security camera footage it only shows a few parked cars. A huge flash of light was then seen for a moment in the distance. Nexta reported that the explosion was caused by a drone strike and destroyed two Russian Tu-95 bombers.

The Tu-95, also known as the "Bear", is a bomber that can carry heavy payloads, including nuclear weapons, over long distances. Russia's independent journalism channel Astra Telegram, citing anonymous sources, also reported that Engels' explosion was caused by a drone strike and that two Tu-95 bombers were destroyed. In addition, Astra said that two Russian servicemen were injured in the explosion and are being treated in hospital.

The Russian Ministry of Defense was contacted for confirmation of the accuracy of the video, as well as for confirmation that drones were behind the attack and two Tu-95 aircraft were destroyed, but have not yet responded. Ukraine did not directly claim responsibility for the explosion, although a Ukrainian official appeared to taunt Russia on social media after the blast.

Newsweek contacted Ukraine's Ministry of Defense for comment on a possible link to the explosion. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday that the only information he had about the explosion came from media reports and he could not comment further on the incident.

Noting that information was already circulating on social networks and in the media, Saratov Governor Roman Busargin wrote on Telegram Monday that law enforcement was investigating the "incident" at the military facility. "I want to assure you that no emergency has occurred in a residential area of the city," he wrote. "There is no cause for concern. No civilian infrastructure was damaged," he added.

Late Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement blaming Ukrainian drones for the explosions at both bases. The statement said Russian air defenses intercepted and shot down the drones as they flew at low altitude, but two aircraft were few, according to Reuters. In addition, three military personnel were killed and four people injured, the ministry said.

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