Specifications of Terrahawk Paladin, New Military Assistance from UK for Ukraine

Specifications of Terrahawk Paladin, New Military Assistance from UK for Ukraine
Specifications of Terrahawk Paladin, New Military Assistance from UK for Ukraine

International Military - Terrahawk Paladin becomes new military assistance to Ukraine from United Kingdom. This weapons assistance was announced by the British Minister of Defense in mid-October 2023. This assistance marks the first time Ukraine has received the Paladin system to improve its air defense capabilities, particularly in countering the threat posed by Russian drones.

The Terrahawk Paladin is renowned for its performance against drone threats in land-based Counter-UAS (C-UAS) operations. The weapon also has the capability to deal with a wide range of UAS threats, from small nano and micro UAVs to larger tactical combat UAVs. This defense system for destroying air targets was introduced to the public in September 2022.

Terrahawk Paladin is produced by British weapons manufacturer, MSI Defense Systems Ltd. This weapon is controlled remotely for short-range defense against threats from land, air and sea.

Terrahawk Paladin Specifications The Terrahawk Paladins sent by the UK to Ukraine may have been equipped with a Bushmaster II Mk44 30 mm chain gun. The gun was popularly used with various military vehicles, such as the Stryker Dragoon, Boxer Vilkas, Rosomak APC, and AS21 Back.

Additionally, the system also offers a wide selection of effectors and ammunition, including programmable Air Burst ammunition, proximity-fused rounds, and various remote-controlled weapon systems from the MSI-Defence catalog.

These options include the Terrahawk DS, available in 25mm (480 rounds), 30mm, and 40mm variants, and the Terrahawk FZ, which is a missile version. Also read: Specifications for Iran's Almas-1 ATGM Anti-Tank Missile, which is feared by Israel. The Terrahawk LW provides cannon options in the 14.5 mm HMG with an ammunition capacity of 400 rounds, 25 mm ammunition capacity of 200 rounds, and 30 mm ammunition capacity of 240 rounds.

Finally, the Terrahawk RWS offers the option of a 7.62 mm cannon with an ammunition capacity of 400 rounds or a 12.7 mm gun with an ammunition capacity of 150 rounds. One of the important features of Terrahawk Paladin is its versatile deployment options. It can function as a standalone unit for point defense or integrate seamlessly into a broader network under a Combat Management System. This adaptability allows for a comprehensive regional defense capability, making it a useful asset for coastal and border protection.

To facilitate its transportation, the weapon can be transported using the NATO standard Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System (DROPS) module, the Leyland DAF medium mobility load carrier (MMLC), and the Foden enhanced medium mobility load carrier (IMLC). This system can also be installed on the German RMMV HX-38.540 8x8 truck.

The Terrahawk Paladin has a mass of less than 10 tons, making it a relatively light but powerful defense system. The dimensions range between 6 m long, 2.44 m wide and 2.5 m high. In the extended configuration, it can reach 6.7 m in length, 3.6 m in width and 4 m in height.

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