Apache Claims To Be The Best Attack Helicopter In The World, Why?

Apache Claims To Be The Best Attack Helicopter In The World, Why?
Apache Claims To Be The Best Attack Helicopter In The World

International Military - Some time ago, Poland has signed a contract for the procurement of 96 AH 64E Apache helicopters on September 8, 2022. This number makes Poland the largest AH 64E Apache user country in Europe.

It is not without reason why this Apache helicopter is in great demand by many countries. Because this helicopter from the United States has great firepower, advanced features, and high survivability.

Even Defense View says the Apache is the best attack helicopter in the world. Why is that? Defense View will explain, firstly, the function of attack helicopters in general is to attack ground-coated ground combat fleets, for example tanks.

Tanks are considered the king of land warfare. Meanwhile, attack helicopters were made as the antithesis. Although for now, there are many weapons systems that are capable of knocking out tanks.

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But attack helicopters still rank first on the list. Not without reason, helicopters like the AH 64E are equipped with various kinds of ammunition. Of course, one of them is an anti-tank missile or ATGM.

In addition to the ATGM, Apache helicopters also carry weapons such as auto cannons, rockets, bombs, and more. Even this helicopter is also capable of carrying air-to-air missiles. Which means, Apache helicopters are capable of striking targets in the air.

Although limited to low-flying targets, such as other helicopters, light fighter jets, and drones. Apache helicopters made a mark in the Gulf War. At that time, the US military Apache faced with Iraqi tanks.

In that war, the Americans managed to destroy about 3,000 tanks and 500 of them thanks to Apache helicopters. During that war, only four helicopters were defeated.

Even the Apache helicopter pilot said he was able to destroy the tank with just one missile. Seeing this, it is certain that the tank's weakness is attack helicopters, especially Apache.

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