Russia Attacks Military Command Centers to Ukrainian Energy Facilities Using Terrible Super Missiles

Russia Attacks Military Command Centers to Ukrainian Energy Facilities Using Terrible Super Missiles
Russia Attacks Military Command Center on Ukrainian Energy Facility (Pict of Illustration)

Moscow - Russia vs Ukraine conflict seems to be getting hotter. The buying and selling of attacks between Russia and Ukraine continues to be carried out by both. It was recently reported that the Russian military attacked Ukrainian energy facilities and command centers. No kidding, Russia's attacks use high-precision missiles.

Quoted from The Eurasian Times, the Russian Ministry of Defense said “During the day, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continued to carry out attacks with long-range high-precision air launch weapons on the military command and control facilities and energy systems of Ukraine. Attack target reached. All specified targets are hit.

Meanwhile, in the Kherson region, the security of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station has been strengthened. This is done to avoid provocation from Ukraine. The deputy head of the Kherson region administration, Kirill Stremousov, also gave his statement.

He told Sputnik following his remarks that Ukrainian forces might try to break through. through the dam to flood the territory and cross the Dnieper River. “Security has been strengthened. There is a strong group of troops standing there, it won't be easy to break through there," Stremousov said.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Russian Security Council that Russia had carried out retaliatory strikes using precision-guided weapons against Ukraine's infrastructure.

This was done by Moscow in response to crimes committed by Kyiv against Russian civilian infrastructure. Putin also condemned the bombing of the Kerch Strait Bridge, known as the Crimean Bridge, which took place on October 8. By saying that such acts of terror cannot be left without retaliation. Precision strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure have been going on all week.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian utility Ukrenergo said that the energy infrastructure of the Kyiv region was damaged by the morning missile attack. Residents of several areas were asked to save electricity and minimize consumption during peak hours.

It was previously known that On October 10, Moscow unleashed a barrage of missile attacks on Ukrainian cities. Which one Russian analyst described as "somewhat demonstrative in nature" and meant to demonstrate Russia's determination and capacity to carry out such actions.

Alexei Arestovich, an adviser to the office of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, said that Russia had launched about 80 high-precision missiles in a wave of attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure. He claimed that there were not enough bullets left in the Russian arsenal.

Meanwhile, Moscow military forces continued to bomb vital Ukrainian facilities on October 11. However, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov told RIA Novosti on October 11 that the Russian Army has sufficient high-precision missiles to carry out continuous strikes against vital Ukrainian infrastructure facilities.

He believes the Russian attack was more of a display aimed at making Kyiv and the West aware of Moscow's resilience and readiness to carry out such an operation.

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