Ukrainian Army Says Running Out of Ammunition And Troubles Against Russia, What About Western Help?

Ukrainian Army Says Running Out of Ammunition And Troubles Against Russia, What About Western Help?
Ukrainian Army Says Running Out of Ammunition And Troubles Against Russia

International Military - Some time ago, the United States had promised to send aid to Ukraine. This was done to help Ukrainian troops from the Moscow attack that had occurred since last February. It is also known that the aid sent by the United States is not half-hearted.

The United States will continue to send various heavy weapons assistance, even though it has received many threats from Russia. However, it was recently reported that the Ukrainian army was running out of ammunition against Moscow.

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According to the Washington Post, it seems that the Western weapons systems that were promised to arrive were too slow to arrive. In circulating reports, it was reported that about 200 Ukrainian soldiers died every day.

Meanwhile, last month, it was reported that the loss of Ukrainian soldiers had increased to 100 people. Zelensky said on one occasion that nearly 1000 troops from Ukraine had to be removed from the battlefield.

This happened because there were soldiers who were injured and died as a result of the attack. However, regarding this loss of life, greed did not make the Ukrainian soldiers lose their motivation and lack of fighting spirit.

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According to them, when they saw the number of victims who died, it made them more motivated to maintain their position there. Besides, for them to retreat after their comrades were killed defending the city, it felt like treating their deaths as insignificant.

One of the advisers to the Ukrainian government, Oleksandr V Danylyuk said that the importance of weapons from the West. Ukraine and the US hope that new supplies of Western weaponry will allow Ukraine to regain the initiative.

Not only that, he also hopes that with this assistance, Ukraine can regain 20 percent of the territory currently captured by Russia. Danylyuk also said that Russia's current strategy and tactics have been different, so they could be more successful this time.

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“They have more resources than us and they are not in a rush. There is less room for optimism at the moment." Therefore, at this time it is very important for Ukraine to get the mainstay weapons from the promised European countries.

According to Danylyuk, Ukraine urgently needs to turn to a further and more sophisticated Western system to counter Russia. In order to match the firepower provided by Russia because it is known to be very large.

Reported from the NY times page, currently Ukraine is forced to save bullets on the battlefield. As a result, they did not return one-on-one fire for a counterattack against Moscow.

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One of the crew members said they had run out of ammo, and that they weren't being supplied fast enough at the moment. In addition, the deputy head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Vadym Skibitsky said that they could lose an artillery battle with Russia. This happened because of a shortage of bullets, and their ammunition was depleted.

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