Smart Strategy, Ukraine Uses Discarded Russian Tanks For Reuse in Battle

Smart Strategy, Ukraine Uses Discarded Russian Tanks For Reuse in Battle
Ukraine Uses Discarded Russian Tanks For Reuse in Battle

International Military - The war in Ukraine has entered its fourth month. Thousands of people have been killed and millions have been driven from their homes since the Russian invasion began on February 24.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russian troops are preparing a new attack on the city of Sloviasnsk. Ukraine doesn't seem to want to give up either. Ukraine continues to make every effort to win the battle. This includes reusing abandoned or discarded Russian combat vehicles.

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Quoted from, photos of two Russian T-90A tanks reused by Ukraine were shared on Twitter this week. The photo shows Ukrainian troops taking Russian vehicles, repairing them, and then reusing them in battle.

Meanwhile in video footage in May, Ukrainian soldiers can be seen using Russian tanks against Kremlin troops. A Ukrainian tank commander revealed how the tank was found in a field in March, just eight days after the Russian invasion.

A popular Twitter account dedicated to tracking weapons used in Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine shared images and explained how the tank would "join the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces".

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In a matter of days, the tank was back in action on the battlefield manned by Ukrainian soldiers to fight Russian troops. Reports of T-90 tanks being abandoned by Russian troops have also appeared quite frequently in recent months.

To note, the T-90A is a Russian-made battle tank. When Russia's invasion of Ukraine began in February, the Kremlin initially sent T-72 and T-80 tanks.

However, a few months later, Russia sent a more advanced model of the T-90A. The T-90A was designed to replace the T-90.

Meanwhile, the T-90 which was developed in the post-Soviet era is designed to be the new tank for the new decade. The T-90 is effectively a T-72 equipped with the new technology. which has a top speed of 37 mph.

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The T-90 is equipped with a turret mounted 7.62 mm PKTM 6P7K machine gun, and has a range of 340 miles using a V-12 diesel engine.

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