Russia-Ukraine War Update, Kyiv Runs Out of Ammunition for Artillery Systems

Russia-Ukraine War Update, Kyiv Runs Out of Ammunition for Artillery Systems
Kyiv Runs Out of Ammunition for Artillery Systems

International Military - In this protracted war, both Ukraine and Russia will carry out long-range artillery strikes. On the Ukrainian side, it is said that their armed forces are facing a critical shortage of artillery ammunition. With the depletion of ammunition supplies, it is very bad for troops on the battlefield to fight Russian aggression.

As for the Russian artillery units, they were still able to issue several times the number of rounds in Donbas, eastern Ukraine. "Both sides are using artillery to repel each other's attacks," said Michael Kofman, director of Russia studies at CNA. "And as an intelligence gathering mission, they use drones," he added.

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The news about the depletion of artillery ammunition on the Ukrainian side, is not unusual considering this has been a problem since the war began on February 24 last.

Russian special forces and their drones were deployed to attack Ukrainian ammunition depots. "Now is an artillery war, and we lost in this," explains Vadym Skibitsky, Ukraine's deputy head of military intelligence.

Citing 19FortyFive, Vadym Skibitsky also said that ammunition coming from the West could not help many Ukrainians. "We only rely on Western aid, in comparison it is 1 in 10 even 15 of the amount of artillery that Ukraine and Russia have. Our partners have given about 10 percent of what they have," added Skibitsky.

While the Russians initially had supply problems, they now have ample ammunition supplies, said Colonel Margo Grosberg, commander of the Estonian Defense Forces intelligence center.

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"The last two months have been artillery duels and trench warfare, and they are only advancing 1 kilometer per day showing how fierce the fighting is, of course both sides have been firing thousands of rounds of ammunition per day so it is not surprising to hear that Ukrainian ammunition is running dry," Colonel Margo said. Grossberg.

Meanwhile, Western aid could not arrive as quickly as possible, coupled with the need for Ukrainian weapons which was increasing day by day.

13 Ukrainian armory destroyed

The attacks that came from Russian missiles and artillery were reported to have destroyed 13 Ukrainian arsenals. Inside the arsenal were weapons aid packages from the US, such as M-777 artillery, Javelin anti-tank bazookas and thousands of other ammunition, citing Defense View.

Defense View added that the 406th Ukrainian Independent Artillery Brigade was attacked by Russian soldiers at an artillery base in the Zhovtneve region of Mykolaiv Oblast. And 12 of the 13 warehouses were destroyed, 12 M-777 artillery pieces were destroyed, 90 soldiers were killed, 51 people were injured.

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This news was believed after images shown from satellites showing 13 Ukrainian arsenals had been destroyed. Although there is no confirmation of when the incident occurred, a quick look at the satellite imagery makes it clear that the attack was relatively recent. Because the transfer of weapons such as the M-777 artillery from the US was only a few weeks ago.

Losses received by Ukraine

It has been more than 4 months since Russia's special military operations were intensified in Ukraine. Russian troops are currently using long-range strike tactics with artillery systems for the past few weeks.

Rows of Russian artillery fired barrages at the weapons systems and destroyed Ukrainian army positions. Since the end of February until now, Ukraine has suffered a lot of losses, both in terms of infrastructure and loss of life.

According to a study from the Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine has so far suffered $600 billion in damage to civil infrastructure, reports 19FortyFive. The damage done in Ukraine includes residential property, city roads and infrastructure.

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Coupled with the cessation of economic activity in several areas which are indeed the center of the flow of money in the country. To be clear, more than 195 factories, 230 health institutes, more than 940 educational facilities were destroyed or damaged, citing 19FortyFive.

The purpose of the creation of this data from the Kyiv School of Economics is in addition to data for the country to rebuild after the end of the war. But also to make sure the world knows how much money Russia will have to pay to Ukraine at the end of this conflict.

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