Ukraine Claims to Start Deploying US Harpoon Missiles To Battlefield, Russian Warships In Danger

Ukraine Claims to Start Deploying US Harpoon Missiles To Battlefield, Russian Warships In Danger
A view of an RGM-84 surface-to-surface Harpoon missile

International Military - Ukraine claims to have deployed Harpoon anti-ship missiles made in the United States (US). If the claim is true, then Russian warships operating in the Black Sea are in danger. The claim was made by Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov on Thursday in a lengthy post on social media.

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Denmark confirmed the delivery of this type of weapon to Kiev last month. "Ukrainian coastal defenses have been strengthened by the highly efficient Harpoon system," Reznikov said.

He said the Harpoon would operate in tandem with the domestically made Neptune missile. "They have forced the enemy fleet to keep their distance to avoid the fate of the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Moscow," he said, as reported by Russia Today, Saturday (11/6/2022).

The Moskva is a Soviet-built warship that sank in mid-April. Officials in Kiev claim Ukrainian forces managed to hit it with a Neptune missile.

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However, Moscow said a fire on board the ship caused severe damage to it and then sank in a storm as it attempted to tow it to its home port. Moscow rejects Kiev's claim that the warship was hit by a Neptune missile.

Reznikov previously praised the Harpoon-Neptune combination as a "military brotherhood". "Which will allow Ukraine to liberate and make our Black Sea safe again." The Harpoon family of missiles developed by McDonnell Douglas in the US can be fired by multiple platforms.

Denmark has a battery of RGM-84L-4 Harpoon Block II missiles that have a range of 70 nautical miles (130 kilometers). The Neptune is a Ukrainian modification of the Soviet Kh-35 missile with a claimed range of 280 kilometers.

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