The Most Advanced In China, J-20 Mighty Dragon has Shot Down J-11 and J-16 in Training

The Most Advanced In China, J-20 Mighty Dragon has Shot Down J-11 and J-16 in Training
The J-20 Mighty Dragon  Most Advanced In China

International Military - China is known to have various types of new defense equipment. Even so, China has never used it directly in a battle. One of China's defense equipment is the J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth fighter.

China claims the J-20 Mighty Dragon as the country's most advanced fighter jet. The J-20 is claimed to have shot down J-11 and J-16 fighters as part of the training facility.

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Quoted from an article, on the first training day, a brigade of the PLA Northern Theater Command Air Force brigade held an aerial confrontation exercise, with both sides boasting ace pilots who had won the Golden Helmet', the most realistic combat-oriented air warfare competition.

Golden Helmet is one of the four major training brands of the PLA air force, along with Golden Dart, Red Sword and Blue Shield. The competition was held with a focus on aerial combat confrontation.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, two J-20 fighters equipped with Luneburg lenses were reportedly involved with an undisclosed number of non-stealth fighters.

The Luneburg lens is a small device that increases the radar cross-section of an aircraft, by means of which it makes stealth aircraft detectable by radar.

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The J-20 Mighty Dragon gave up their stealth advantage to focus on training other skills, according to a Chinese expert, who also pointed out that in real combat, strong opponents can develop techniques to identify stealth aircraft, making such training critical.

The report said that the two J-20s engaged in fierce battles with their opponents in a complicated electromagnetic environment. After a series of tactical maneuvers, the J-20 Mighty Dragon and the enemy aircraft faced each other, and both pilots opened fire at the same time.

Both aircraft also performed high-G maneuvers that allowed them to escape mock attacks. However, in the end, the J-20 Mighty Dragon came out victorious. Chinese state-run media have previously reported that the brigade took delivery of the J-20 last year, making it the second ace unit in the PLA Air Force to be equipped with the country's most advanced fighter jets.

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Similar drills were reportedly conducted at another Chinese Air Force training base. Various types of aircraft, including J-20 and J-16 fighters, flew in exercises that included simulated aerial combat and direct fire attacks on ground targets.

The report indicated that two J-20s and two J-16s engaged in mock combat but did not leak the results, the J-20 had a Luneburg lens on it. Wang Zhen, a regimental commander at the training base said, "We target the demands in real combat and are trained at the highest level of the training program".

The training was also carried out to check and confirm new techniques for creating fighting skills. A Chinese military expert said that the extensive simulation of combat drills in several PLA units showed the J-20's high level of combat readiness.

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Furthermore, other aircraft also get a chance to compete with the J-20 Mighty Dragon and learn how to deal with opponents who are better than them.

However, not only China, other countries have also prepared their respective country's weapons to show and prepare for a real battle.

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