Russian Weapons for Invasion of Ukraine Turns Out To Use US Parts

Russian Weapons for Invasion of Ukraine Turns Out To Use US Parts
Chechen volunteers fighting with the Russian military seen in the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol

International Military - There are no doubts about the various forms of assistance from the United States (US) to Ukraine. It is even known that the US will send various types of heavy weapons which the Ukrainian army can later use to fight Russian attacks.

It is also reported that the US is currently preparing to deliver the HIMARS mobile rocket system to Ukraine. Which this will be done in order to fortify Ukrainian troops from the advanced equipment used by Russia today. So this will encourage the US and allies to continue to supply Ukraine with weapons that enable them to defend the country's sovereignty.

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But another thing that must be known is, it turns out that Russia has also relied on spare parts made in the United States. Which spare parts, help to keep their ground weapons running in the attack on Ukraine.

Quoted from Asia Times, the dependence of Russian artillery systems on the United States and Western-made electronic parts is still little realized. Therefore, while Ukraine received massive support from the United States and European countries, Russia also relied on thousands of parts from the Baray to keep its artillery active.

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This was done in order to continue shooting and attacking Ukrainian troops. In particular, one of the spare parts in Russian weapons used by the ages is in their Orlan-10 drone.

This drone is known to have a variety of capabilities that can be utilized by Russian troops in Ukraine. Such as being able to identify targets to provide coordinates using accurate trangulation.

Not only that, the Orlan-10 drone can ensure the target is destroyed by using an attached laser marker. Therefore, it is very important to know that this Orlan-10 will not be able to fly without the spare parts owned by the US and its allies.

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Even though it is also known that the Orlan-10 is indeed Russian-made. However, most of them are also made with the help of spare parts from the US, China, Taiwan, France, Japan, Sweden, Israel, and others. So it can also be concluded that 80% of the Orlan-10 spare parts have come from outside Russia.

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