Bayraktar TB2 Drone Lost, Here are the Specifications and Advantages of the US MQ-C1 Drone Sold to Ukraine

Bayraktar TB2 Drone Lost, Here are the Specifications and Advantages of the US MQ-C1 Drone Sold to Ukraine
Specifications and Advantages of the US MQ-C1 Drone

International Military - It is known that since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, the United States (US) has not stopped providing assistance to Kyiv. Even the assistance provided by the US is not just words, but is also proven by various concrete actions.

However, unlike before, it is now known that the US is planning to sell the advanced MQ 1C drone to Ukraine. Which is quoted from The Defense Post, the US will sell as many as four MQ 1C drones to kyiv.

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This is also done so that Ukraine becomes stronger in resisting Moscow, which has invaded since Thursday, February 24, 2022. But regarding this sale, of course this plan could fail, because everything depends on the decision of Congress.

It should also be noted that this advanced MQ 1C drone can use a wider range of ammunition than the Bayraktar TB2. Which for this Bayraktar is indeed armed with Turkish-made MAM-L missiles weighing 22 kg.

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However, in this regard, it was also mentioned that it did not take much time to train Ukrainian soldiers in using these drones. Which is known to take months, while for maintenance it will only take a matter of weeks.

Specifications of Drone MQ-C1 Gray Eagle

For its size, the MQ-C1 drone is 9 meters long, 17 meters wide and 2.1 meters high. The Gray Eagle has been powered by a Thielert heavy fuel engine, which can produce up to 165 horsepower.

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In addition, this drone can also reach a maximum altitude of 29,000 feet, with a battery life of more than 30 hours. Therefore, with the specifications and also the advantages possessed by the MQ-C1 Drone, it will help Ukraine in fighting back.

Advantages of MQ-1C Gray Eagle

It is known, this drone has various advantages that can be utilized if it is later owned by Ukraine. This drone is an enhanced version of the predatory UAV and has been proven in previous battles.

Typically, this MQ-1C will be assigned to reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, command control, communication relay, signal intelligence, to electric warfare. Not only that, this sophisticated drone can also be used as an improvised explosive device to assess battle damage.

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Even with its wide wings, it can be used to operate more payloads than other drones. Quoted from The Drive, it is also mentioned that this MQ-1C drone has more capabilities than the TB2. This capability includes support in electronic warfare, attack, to surveillance on the battlefield.

So this drone will give Ukraine a big leap in its ability to match weapons from Russia. In addition, this drone is also armed with four AGM 114 Hellfire air-to-air missiles. Which with these missiles, this drone will be able to attack targets within a distance of up to 11 kilometers.

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