Switzerland Decides to Ban NATO Member States from Sending Weapons to Ukraine

Switzerland Decides to Ban NATO Member States from Sending Weapons to Ukraine
A rally was held Thursday afternoon in downtown Portland in support of Ukraine

International Military - Currently, many NATO member countries have sent weapons assistance to Ukraine. This was done to assist Ukraine in carrying out a counterattack against Russia which had been going on since last February.

It is also known, aids from Western countries seem to be really needed by Ukraine. This can be seen from several battles that the Ukrainian troops have won. However, unlike several countries that are ready to help send weapons, it is known that Switzerland has refused to do so.

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The Swiss government has vetoed Denmark's request to supply weapons to Ukraine. It is known that the weapons that Denmark was known to have requested to deliver were armored vehicles.

It is known that the armored vehicle was made in Switzerland which has been used until now. Regarding this matter, the Swiss Secretariat of State for economic affairs was also conveyed, which emphatically stated to refuse.

It was also reported that the weapons requested by Denmark were indeed not small, reaching 20 vehicles. In addition, Denmark has indeed declared its neutrality by not allowing the supply of weapons to be sent to conflict zones.

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It should also be noted that Denmark has committed not to export this Swiss-made weapon without approval. So this will certainly hinder their intention to immediately send weapons aid to Ukraine.

Quoted from Swiss Info, neutral Bern has required every foreign country to seek permission. This should be done if the foreign country has purchased weapons from their country and wants to export them to other countries.

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It is also known that Switzerland has broken with past practices and adopted EU sanctions designed to punish Russia. But this neutrality from Switzerland will be their biggest test in decades which is how they interpret the policies that kept Switzerland away from both world wars during the 20th century.

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