United States Plans to Sell Advanced MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drone to Ukraine

United States Plans to Sell Advanced MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drone to Ukraine
US MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drone

International Military - Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, many countries have expressed their support for Kyiv. One of them is from the United States (US), which until now has not stopped providing support to supply weapons to Ukraine.

It was also known earlier that the US would send aid of 700 million dollars to Ukraine. In addition, it is known from the page of The Defense Post at this time that the US will also sell their combat weapons. The combat weapon is the MQ 1C Gray Eagle drone.

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However, this sale is still uncertain, because it must be subject to congressional approval. In this case, it is also known that this MQ-1C drone has various advantages if it is actually purchased by Ukraine. This can be seen from the ability to cover the distance, endurance, to the payload in the weapon.

Regarding this, a drone expert and a Geter from the Vertical Flight Society have also revealed this. According to him, the MQ-1C is a much larger drone with about three times the take-off rate of the Bayraktar TB-2. He also added that the MQ-1C also has commensurate advantages in payload capacity, range and durability.

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Therefore, according to him, this will certainly help Ukraine in resisting Russia. Quoted from the Eurasian Times, regarding the training that must be followed by Ukrainian soldiers it seems to be bad news.

In this case, drone experts also say it will take months to train Ukrainian soldiers. Meanwhile, it only takes a matter of weeks to train the attached maintainers and operators.

Therefore, this might be one of the reasons why this sale is still in the planning stages. Regarding the sale of this MQ-1C drone, there will be no reports explaining why the United States decided to sell it to Ukraine.

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