NATO Secretary General Says Russia-Ukraine Conflict Has Turned To Long-Term War

NATO Secretary General Says Russia-Ukraine Conflict Has Turned To Long-Term War
Boris Johnson met with Jens Stoltenberg at NATO headquarters in Brussels

International Military - The conflict between Russia and Ukraine so far seems to have not found a bright spot. It is even reported that the greatest possibility is that the war between Russia and Ukraine could continue for a long time.

Reporting from News Week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stotenberg has also said the same thing. In which he said that the current conflict between Moscow and Kyiv had become a "war of attrition". Not only that, he also said that it is possible that his party must also be prepared for long-term conflicts.

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"We just have to be prepared for the long term, because what we are seeing is that this war has now become a war of attrition," he said.

In this regard, Stotenberg also said that Ukraine has paid a high price for defending their own country. This is because there have been many casualties and property losses that have occurred in Ukrainian territory since the invasion.

In this regard, Stotenberg also said that he was amazed by what the United States (US) had done. It is even known that he praised the US for the continued support it has given to Ukraine since the beginning of the war until now. But regarding the war, Stotenberg said it appeared that Putin wanted less NATO in his invasion.

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However, the opposite happened, with more NATO presence in the eastern part of the alliance resulting in more members. "President Putin wanted less NATO and that's why he invaded Ukraine," he said. According to him, this will make the war even longer.

Not only that, he also discussed the wishes of Finland and Sweden, which recently volunteered to join NATO. Stoltenberg considered that signing Finland and Sweden to NATO would be a "historic decision".

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This will strengthen NATO members and also strengthen their transatlantic ties. However, it was also known beforehand that Turkey had expressed its disapproval of the wishes of the two countries.

But according to Stoltenberg, NATO is currently holding talks with Turkey. Which this will be done to find a "unified way" to overcome the problem.

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