Ukraine Has Lost $600 Billion Dollars Since 99 Days Beginning of the War

Ukraine Has Lost 600 Billion Dollars Since 99 Days Beginning of the War
Civilians are being evacuated from the besieged city of Sumy

International Military - The war between Russia and Ukraine has been running for 4 months or more precisely 99 days since Russia's special military operations were intensified in Ukraine. The Russian military has been using long-range attack tactics for the past few weeks. Rows of Russian artillery fired barrages at the weapons systems and destroyed Ukrainian army positions.

Since the end of February until now, Ukraine has suffered a lot of losses, both in terms of infrastructure and loss of life. Reporting from 19FortyFive, according to a study from the Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine has so far suffered a loss of $600 billion in damage to civil infrastructure.

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The damage done in Ukraine includes residential property, city roads and infrastructure. Plus the cessation of economic activity in several areas which are indeed the center of the flow of money in the country. To be clear, more than 195 factories, 230 health institutions, more than 940 educational facilities were destroyed or damaged.

The purpose of the creation of this data from the Kyiv School of Economics is in addition to data for the country to rebuild after the end of the war. But also to make sure the world knows how much money Russia will have to pay Ukraine at the end of this conflict.

Who will compensate Ukraine for losses?

US President Joe Biden is said to be "studying" using Russian money to help Ukraine return. Still quoted from 19FortyFive, one of the US ways is to confiscate some Russian assets which will later be converted to Ukrainian aid funds.

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But to carry out this major action, requires a congressional action in which not everyone will agree. In addition to money from confiscation of Russian assets, money from grants from Western countries can also be made available to rebuild infrastructure in Ukraine.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will prolong and cost a lot

At the beginning of Russia's special military operations, some believed that this conflict would only last a matter of weeks or even days. Launching 19FortyFive, but the British Foreign Secretary, namely Liz Truss concluded differently, she believes in Ukraine will last for 10 years.

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A protracted conflict will cause further damage to cities and infrastructure in Ukraine. As the war is approaching its fourth month, Russia doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down its attacks.

They continued to walk through eastern Ukraine aiming for the separatist regions, namely Donetsk and Luhansk. And there are rumors that Russian troops are planning to head to Ukraine's eastern border with Moldova. And cities are inevitable and will be much worse this time of year.

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