India Is Alert, Pakistan Has Signed Agreement With Turkey For Bayraktar TB2 Drone Procurement

India Is Alert, Pakistan Has Signed Agreement With Turkey For Bayraktar TB2 Drone Procurement
Pakistan has signed agreement with Turkey for Bayraktar TB2 drone procurement

International Military - It is common consumption and it is known by the whole world that India and Pakistan have been at war for many years. The feud is known to still occur today. India and Pakistan also compete with each other.

And in a bid to compete with India's acquisition of the Rafale aircraft, Pakistan announced it had secretly purchased 25 J-10 fighter jets from China. This single-engine fighter was developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation.

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Quoted from Defense Security Asia, Pakistan's Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said Pakistan's acquisition of 25 J-10 aircraft from China was the country's attempt to compete with 36 French-made Rafale two-engine aircraft acquired by its main rival.

Pakistan and India are arch foes and the two armed forces have fought several wars mainly over Kashmir, a Muslim-majority province ruled by India. Moreover, even India may have reason to be concerned, as it relies heavily on Russian weapons for its security, and arch-rival Pakistan seems in line (officially) to acquire the same Bayraktar TB2 drone.

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Recent satellite images of the Pakistan Air Force Base located at Siswa in Punjab province appear to show the Bayraktar TB2 UAV at the site, according to OSINT analyst Damien Symon.

Quoted from Eurasian Times, there were unconfirmed reports earlier this year that Pakistan had purchased six Bayraktar TB2 from Baykar in March 2021 and signed an agreement with Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) to jointly develop the larger ANKA-S type UAV.

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Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pakistan Armed Forces Nadeem Raza visited the Baykar UAV Research and Development Center in March 2021. Shortly before the visit, the Pakistan Air Force Public Relations Department posted a video describing its progress from the past to the present.

In the video, various aircraft and weapons systems in the PAF fleet can be seen in action, including the Bayraktar TB2 combat drone, which strongly suggests that Pakistan may indeed be purchasing a number of TB-2 drones.

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