US, Nato And Other Countries Meddle When Ukraine Goes To War With Russia

US, Nato And Other Countries Meddle When Ukraine Goes To War With Russia
Washington’s attempt to make Ukraine a Nato political and military pawn

International Military - The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for more than 100 days since the first conflict began on February 24, 2022. Ukraine is still trying to fight back and not declare defeat, at the same time Russia also does not want to give up and continues to attack the country led by Zelensky.

The war between these two countries also involved many parties. Ukraine, which is a small country with a mediocre military, will certainly find it difficult to fight Russia. Russia is currently lined up as the country with the second largest military power in the world, only one position behind the US.

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To deal with the onslaught of Vladimir Putin's troops, Ukraine relies on help from European countries and the United States. The US has sent thousands of ammunition and Javelin missiles to hit enemy troops from Russia.

Recently, the US also plans to send the MRLS (Multiple Rocket Launcher System) or long-range missile launcher system to Ukraine. The good intentions of the US also made Russia on fire.

The Russian side even immediately gave a statement that the steps taken by the US could not be tolerated. President Joe Biden responded to the statement by saying that it would not be sending long-range rocket systems.

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Quoted from Al Jazeera, US President Joe Biden assured that they would not send the weapons. "We will not send rocket systems to Ukraine that can reach Russia," Biden said.

Not only the US, other countries such as Turkey also sent aid. Turkey has even provided the Bayraktar TB2 attack drone to Ukraine which turned out to be effective at hitting Russian troops targets.

In addition to sending military aid, European countries also imposed financial sanctions on Russia. The assets of Russian billionaires and businessmen scattered across Europe and the US were frozen.

Roman Abrahamovic, Russian billionaire also had to give up his football club, Chelsea FC. Roman's assets were also not spared from this financial penalty.

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Seeing the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia, military observer Connie Rahakundini Bakrie felt sorry for Vladimir Putin.

The sanctions were considered unfair. "This is worse than the Cold War. Some NATO countries and the US are facing Russia on Ukrainian soil," Connie said. Connie also said that this war between Ukraine and Russia would be a long one. "This war is happening in multilateral countries but inside Ukraine,".

Connie argues that if the war wants to end immediately, one of the steps is to stop all aid from other countries to Ukraine. President Zelensky could also meet with President Vladimir Putin to find a middle ground.

According to Connie, the detention or freezing of Russian money is not appropriate. "This is Russia's money being detained, without a court. If you want justice, all wars are like that too. The war in Afghanistan, why was Elon Musk's money not detained too?," added Connie Rahakundini Bakrie.

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Connie also suggested that Indonesia should not be afraid of Russia. However, there is also no need to interfere in these Ukrainian and Russian affairs. Because Indonesia should act like a non-aligned country. "We should not join in, respect all parties," he concluded.

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