Bayraktar TB-2 Dazzles Against Russia, Baykar Technologies Claims 'The Whole World Is a Customer'

Bayraktar TB-2 Dazzles Against Russia, Baykar Technologies Claims 'The Whole World Is a Customer'
Baykar Technologies Claims 'The Whole World Is a Customer'

International Military - The war between Russia and Ukraine has not shown any signs of ending. The war is known to have claimed the lives of both sides. The war has also triggered an unprecedented Western political, strategic, economic and corporate response.

Ukraine is known to buy a qualified defense equipment from Turkey, namely the Bayraktar TB2 drone. "The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said earlier today that the country's Armed Forces received additional Bayraktar TB-2 drones from Turkey," quoted from "The new Bayraktar TB2 has arrived in Ukraine and is in combat position," said Oleksii Reznikov.

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Reporting from, the Bayraktar TB2 drone is produced by a private company, Baykar Technologies. The Ukrainian battlefield seems to have succeeded in bringing the name of the Bayraktar TB2 Drone to the world stage. The effectiveness of these drones against Russian weapons has caught the attention of many parties.

Reporting from, the Bayraktar TB2 drone managed to destroy 6 types of defense equipment. Starting from the AFV, self-propelled artillery, air defense systems, communication stations, logistics trains, and trucks plus jeeps, and the type of AFV vehicle that the Bayraktar TB2 drone was destroyed is unknown.

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However, for the type of Russian self-propelled artillery destroyed by the Bayraktar TB2 drone, it is known that 4 units of the Msta-B 2A65 152mm were 4 units. Furthermore, 5 units of air defense systems such as 2 units of TEL 9A39M1, 2 units of TELAR 9A310M1 and 1 unit of Tor-M2 were successfully tamed.

It's not enough in the air defense system alone, but there is a Russian logistics train that was destroyed by a Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone. And lastly, 19 jeeps and trucks were also targeted by the Bayraktar TB-2 drone attack.

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Quoted from the Eurasian Times, Turkey's up-and-coming TB2 Bayraktar drone designer said that the destruction of Russian artillery systems and armored vehicles by Ukraine's TB2 drone fleet had made "the whole world" a customer.

"Bayraktar TB2 did what it was supposed to do bringing out some of the most advanced anti-aircraft systems, artillery systems and armored vehicles," Sel├žuk Bayraktar, Chief Technology Officer of Baykar, the maker of the TB2 drone, told Reuters that "The whole world is a customer,".

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