Compared to Russia's S-300, China's FD-2000 Anti-Aircraft Missile System Has One Fatal Weakness

Compared to Russia's S-300, China's FD-2000 Anti-Aircraft Missile System Has One Fatal Weakness
China anti-aircraft missile system HQ-9/FD-2000

International Military - Air defense equipment FD-2000 or also called Anti-aircraft missile system HQ-9 which is a superior weapon made in China. With the superiority of China's FD 2000, this air defense system is devoted to export. And sure enough if there is information on the page if Morocco uses the FD2000.

From the operation of the Anti-aircraft missile system HQ-9 by Morocco, the country has an advanced air defense system. However, from the sophistication of the FD-2000, there is one weakness of this Chinese-made defense system. Moreover, the weakness of the FD 2000 is juxtaposed with the performance of the Russian-made S-300.

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Quoted from, it is clarified that the weakness of the FD-2000 is its missile cruising range. It was clarified that the maximum range of the HQ-9 missile could reach 125 km. And the shortest range of the FD2000 missile can be up to a distance of 7 km. Although the range of the FD 2000 is short, the missile's high flying power can reach 27 km.

While the Russian S-300 has a cruising range of up to 300 km and it is clear if the FD-2000 loses. It is also clear that the operators of the S-300 are far more user-friendly than the FD-2000. This clearly indicates that the FD-2000 is inferior to the Russian S-300.

In addition, the FD-2000 missile itself has a special truck. Quoted from, it is known that the FD-2000 truck is a TEL which has 4 missile launchers. This means that the FD-2000 concept is almost like the S-300.

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For this reason, the FD-2000 Anti-aircraft missile system can overcome several types of threats from the air. Starting from helicopters, drones, fighter jets, ballistic or cruise missiles, to rockets the FD-2000 can handle.

As a result, the FD-2000 is able to overcome several threats with supersonic and hypersonic speeds. For missiles whose hypersonic speed cannot be deflected by the FD-2000.

It is known that the FD-2000 missile has a large warhead. The warhead on the FD-2000 missile can weigh up to 180 kg and is sufficient to destroy targets. Plus, if the FD-2000 missile's speed is classified it can reach Mach 4.2. This means that the FD-2000 missile can reach supersonic speeds.

Then for the tracking system, the FD-2000 carries a semi-active radar tracker. Which means the FD-2000 system is able to actively detect targets simultaneously. What's more, the FD-2000 can also fire simultaneously with a short time difference.

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It should also be realized that the FD-2000 has various types of radar in one battery component. Described in 1 battery FD-2000 consists of 1 command and coordination vehicle.

Then there are also 6 command and control vehicles that support the FD-2000. Meanwhile, in 6 radars, the target pointer becomes the FD-2000's airborne eye so that it is right on target. Furthermore, the FD-2000 has 6 radar guidance vehicles that can be moved quickly.

With this the FD-2000 48 missile launch vehicles in 1 battery. As a result, the FD-2000 has 192 ready-to-fire missiles in the size of 1 battery in its assignment. As a support, there is a set of positioning and orientation vehicles for the FD-2000.

And FD-2000 has 1 set of communication vehicle and 1 set of supporting power supply vehicle. With that, the FD-2000 has 1 set of advanced class support equipment. From the supporters of this sophisticated class, the FD-2000 has quite extraordinary quality.

In addition, in its history the FD-2000 was unveiled for the first time to the public at the 8th Zhuhai Airshow. That means the FD-2000 was inaugurated in 2012. And now the age of the FD-2000 has reached the age of 10 years. Moreover, if the missile container FD-2000 is mounted on the chassis of China's 8x8 Taian TA-5380 truck.

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The TAS-5380 supporting the FD-2000 is powered by an air-cooled diesel engine. For this reason, the FD-2000 is capable of operating in various weather conditions. There is even information that the FD-2000 can operate in sub-tropical and tropical climates.

With this sophistication, there is a question about the price per 1 FD-2000 battery. But unfortunately the price per 1 FD-2000 battery is not known directly from China.

It is suspected that the price per unit of the FD-2000 is estimated to be cheaper than the Russian S-300. In addition, there is an explanation that the FD-2000 has anti-stealth capabilities. "The FD-2000 is an export version with anti-stealth capabilities," explained

With this explanation, the FD-2000's defense system has anti-stealth capabilities. Anti-stealth in question is if the FD-2000 is able to detect and shoot stealth targets.

This makes it possible that the FD-2000 is capable of anticipating 5th generation fighter jets or objects with small RCS. It was also clarified that the FD-2000 was an export-only air defense system based on China's HQ-9.

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