Not A Destroyer Or Frigate Class, Here Are Chinese Warships That Other Countries Are Wary Of

Not A Destroyer Or Frigate Class, Here Are Chinese Warships That Other Countries Are Wary Of
From left, the USS Curtis Wilbur, the JS Hamana and the FS Prairial conduct a joint training mission off the western coast of the Japanese island of Kyushu on Feb. 19 in a move seen as a message from the U.S., Japan and France to China. (Source photos by AP and Japan Maritime Self Defense Force/Kyodo)

International Military - China's fleet of warships is indeed very strong and fangs. Especially the Chinese warship fleet of destroyers, so there are many types of variants.

Quoted from, there are currently 7 types of destroyers in China's warship fleet. Such as Type 052, Type 051B, Type 052B, Type 051C, Type 052C, Type 052D, and the new Type 055 is the mainstay of China's warship fleet.

Moreover, if the 7th Chinese destroyer-class warship fleet was originally made in the country. Indicates that currently the Chinese warship fleet is self-sufficient.

However, there is one Chinese warship fleet that must be wary of. Moreover, if the Chinese warship fleet is not a submarine, aircraft carrier, corvette, or frigate. But the fleet of Chinese warships that should be wary of are fast missile boats (KCR). It is known that the KCR of the Chinese warship fleet is the Type 022 or called the Houbei class.

Quoted from, the Type 022 is a modern missile ship from China. The modernity of the Type 022 because this ship has a very distinctive stealth design. And Type 022 displays a colorful camouflage pattern that interferes with visual views.

The Type 022 itself was developed to replace a myriad of old and obsolete patrol boats. As a result, the Type 022 was finally in service in 2004 and is currently still in service. The Type 022 can provide nearshore protection and is capable of providing support to frigates and other ships.

In addition, the Type 022 has a very distinctive design as a warship. This is shown if the Type 022 has a catamaran design with a bow piercing the waves. The Type 022's design is believed to provide a stable launch platform while sailing.

And the Type 022 is more suitable for handling difficult sea conditions such as big waves. Then the Type 022 has a very high-quality stealth superstructure. This is known from the resulting radar signature of the Type 022 is clearly reduced.

The Type 022 also features a limited number of weapons, sensors and mechanical systems. As a result, the Type 022 only needed a crew of 12 people. And what makes the Type 022 dangerous is that its main armament consists of eight YJ-83 subsonic anti-ship missiles.

With this, the role of the Type 022 is as a fast missile ship. And the task that the Type 022 is quite wary of is hit and run. For this reason, large warships must be vigilant when facing the Type 022.

Additionally, the Type 022 is equipped with a 30mm H/PJ-13 bow mounted gatling. This weapon can be used by the Type 022 to attack surface targets and nearby helicopters. The Type 022 has a basic sensor suite such as the H/LJQ-362 surface search radar.

And the H/ZFJ-1A fire control system provides a firing solution for anti-ship missiles on the Type 022. In addition, the Type 022 has a propulsion system consisting of two diesel engines driving four water jet propellers. As a result, the Type 022's maximum speed is said to be around 36 or 38 knots.

With this fast speed, the Type 022 can carry out fast attack missions. The Type 022 class is used by China. At least 80 of these ships have been delivered.

From the combination of speed, stealth and lethal missile weapons, the Type 022 is of sufficient quality. Especially when it comes to attack combined with speed, the Type 022 excels.

For this reason, it is only natural that Type 022 must be wary of because its attack power is quite deadly. Especially if approaching in the Natuna area, the Type 022's movements must be watched out for.

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