After Announcing Invasion of Ukraine, Putin Is Rumored To Be Sick Of Illness And Almost Killed

After Announcing Invasion of Ukraine, Putin Is Rumored To Be Sick Of Illness And Almost Killed
Alexei Nikolsky/Sputnik/Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File

International Military - Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Putin's name has always been a topic of conversation. This is mostly related to the pros and cons of his actions in carrying out attacks on Ukraine. But another thing that is no less surprising than Putin is the existence of a report saying that the Russian President was almost killed.

Quoted from News Week, this assassination attempt occurred two months ago, precisely after Putin announced the invasion. Fortunately, the assassination attempt on Putin was declared a failure and was unsuccessful.

In this regard, Ukraine's head of Defense Intelligence Budanov said Putin had been attacked about two months ago, while in the Caucus. It is known that the region consists of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and parts of Southern Russia. "Putin Killed..." Budanov said when telling Pravda Ukraine.

Budanov also said that Putin was attacked in the ranks, as representatives of the Caucasus said recently. "A totally unsuccessful attempt, but it really happened. There was no publicity about this event. But it happened," he said.

It was known before the 2012 presidential election that led to the arrest of several men in a Ukrainian port city. The man was allegedly ordered to kill Putin at the request of the rebels.

In 2008, a man was also arrested hours before Putin was scheduled to give a speech on Moscow's red square. Not only that, in addition to the news about Putin's recent assassination attempt, there were also reports related to his health problems.

Which in a report, Putin is claimed to be experiencing a very serious illness. In several videos circulating on social media, Putin can be seen holding the table tightly during a meeting with the Russian Defense Minister.

In addition, there is also news stating that Putin is suffering from cancer. However, regarding this matter, the Kremlin and Putin's side have yet to provide confirmation regarding Putin's health and condition.

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