Calls Biden Too Involved in Taipei and Beijing, China Gives Strong Criticism

Calls Biden Too Involved in Taipei and Beijing, China Gives Strong Criticism
A screen shows Chinese President Xi Jinping attending a virtual meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden via video link, at a restaurant in Beijing, China November 16, 2021. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

International Military - Some time ago, the President of the United States (US) Joe Biden has stated that Washington is ready to help Taiwan. Biden said he and the US would help Taiwan if China invaded.

Joe Biden's statement is of course very surprising to many parties. Not long after, the White House responded to Biden's statement. According to the Asia Times, staff from the White House provided comments to cover up Biden's remarks. White House staff emphatically reiterated the US commitment to the one China policy.

Knowing this, Chinese experts expressed their displeasure to provide sharp criticism. China experts have also expressed concern over Biden's perceived snobbery. Especially after hearing the statements and rising geopolitical tensions in Ukraine.

One of the former ambassadors and foreign assistants also commented on Biden's remarks. According to him, China cannot ignore Biden's statement, because it is worse than a mistake. He also said that it was the fourth time the White House had sought to retract statements from their president about the US intervening militarily in the China-Taiwan conflict.

"Such resignations lack credibility in Beijing, not least because they echo the clear consensus in Washington's formation reflected in defense budgets and power structure decisions," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the professors at Brown University, Lyle Goldstein said that Biden's comments were a big mistake. "We do not have a treaty relationship with Taiwan and this was designed," he said.

Goldstein also said that the US must abide by strategic ambiguities and avoid pitfalls at all costs. He made it clear that he would like to see Washington take a cautious stance.

Not only that, Washington is also expected to favor diplomacy over destructive military instruments. "In particular, I would like to see Washington add substantive content to important policies that have been the cornerstone of the US-China base for the last 50 years," he said.

Michael Swaine, Director of the East Asia Program also said that Biden would have intervened militarily if China were to attack Taiwan. Swine considers that the US has underestimated the One China Policy as well as security in Asia.

Therefore, Swaine said that China had warned Washington against such talks. "It looks like what the US wants to do is find out where Beijing's red lines in Taiwan really are," Swaine added.

In this regard, there is a question that will arise which is "is Biden bullying China while currently deepening engagement with Russia?" Swine said that if true, Biden was playing a dangerous game by risking US security interests in Asia.

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