Do These 4 Things, Russia Will Immediately Stop The Invasion Of Ukraine

Do These 4 Things, Russia Will Immediately Stop The Invasion Of Ukraine
Russian President, Vladimir Putin, agreed to meet Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, on conditions. (AFP/BERTRAND GUAY)

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- The conflict between Russia and Ukraine that began on February 24 is still continuing today. It is even known that the conflict is widening, which has prompted several other countries to provide support to Ukraine.

Ukraine has several times reclaimed its territory from Russian hands. This of course also had an impact on the anger of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who finally tried to increase his military strength.

The Russian government is known to be considering recruiting citizens aged 40 years and over to join the military. Adviser to the President of Ukraine Mykhaylo Podolyak also spoke of Putin's anger.

Quoted from 19fortyfive, Podolyak said that any concessions to Russia would only cause Moscow's military offensive to become bigger and bloodier. Podolyak then said about peace talks with Russia which are still being postponed.

Last March, Russia made four proposals if Ukraine wanted to stop the war. The four proposals were delivered by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in a statement. The Kremlin said that Ukraine had been notified of the matter, and that Moscow would immediately stop fighting if Kyiv agreed.

The four demands include the demilitarization of Ukraine, constitutional amendments preventing Ukraine from joining NATO, the recognition of Crimea as Russia, and the recognition of the eastern Ukrainian territories of Luhansk and Donets.

So far, it is known that Ukraine has stated that it has accepted not to join NATO. Even Zelensky also said that Ukraine would not be brought into the Western military alliance.

However, Kyiv is known to have repeatedly refused it for subsequent requests. Even since the beginning of the invasion, which was carried out on Thursday, February 24, 2022. With this, of course, the possibility of a longer conflict could continue into the following months.

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