Says US Will Help Taiwan If Invaded By China, White House Provides Clarification

Says US Will Help Taiwan If Invaded By China, White House Provides Clarification
US President Joe Biden will quickly be confronted with how to deal with rising Chinese aggression towards ally Taiwan. Image: Getty/AFP

International Military - Apart from Russia and Ukraine, Taiwan and China are also facing complicated conflicts. China firmly claims that Taiwan is part of its territory. Taiwan clearly opposes China's territorial claims. Taiwan calls itself an independent country.

Regarding this, President Joe Biden stated that the United States was ready to defend Taiwan if China invaded. In a statement delivered on May 23, 2022, Biden stated that the United States would help Taiwan if Beijing invaded the island.

Biden also warned China with the term "Temptation with danger". Biden's remarks came after questions raised whether Washington would intervene militarily if China really wanted to take over Taiwan. Considering that Washington strongly supports Ukraine, which is currently in conflict with Russia. "That's the commitment we made," Biden said.

Biden said that the idea of ​​Taiwan being taken by force was not a valid excuse. Biden has also directly linked the results of Western efforts in helping Ukraine. According to him, this can be a lesson for China and Taiwan.

"At this time it is important for Putin to pay the price for the barbarity in Ukraine, Russia has to pay the long-term price," he said. Biden said China does not have the jurisdiction to take Taiwan by force. A Chinese invasion of Taiwan is unlikely. But if it happens, it will be paid a heavy price.

Quoted from the NY Time, Biden's lengthy statement has apparently taken some members of his own government by surprise. This happened because they did not expect Biden to deliver such an unshakable promise and determination.

The United States has historically warned China not to use force to gain Taiwan. But in general, it remains unclear how far this will help Taiwan in dealing with the situation.

Even the White House is known to be quick to deny that Biden's remarks were not genuine. But if you look at Biden's statement, of course this is not just giving Taiwan weapons. However, the White House said the president was not trying to live up to what he meant when he agreed to engage militarily.

It was also reported that the president had indeed made a habit of ignoring the warnings his staff explained in dealing with opponents.

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