Specifications of the Caesar Self-Propelled Howitzer That Ukraine Received from France

Specifications of the Caesar Self-Propelled Howitzer That Ukraine Received from France
Specifications of the Caesar Self-Propelled Howitzer That Ukraine Received from France

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- In mid-2022, a video was shared online showing Russian artillery damaging a 155mm Caesar self-propelled howitzer supplied from France to Ukraine. The CAESAR self-propelled howitzer is an artillery that is often used by the Ukrainian Army military to repel Russian military forces in its territory.

By April, Ukrainian forces were accustomed to using military vehicles as part of their overall military strategy, and troops on the battlefield praised the vehicles for their specifics. So what are the specifications of the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer supplied by France? Check out the following reviews.

Caesar 155mm, 52 Caliber Barrel

Quoted from army technology comdari.com, the Caesar is equipped with a 155mm barrel, caliber 52 and can maintain a rate of fire of six to eight rounds per minute in continuous fire, or three rounds in 15 seconds in rapid fire.

It features the FAST-Hit computerized fire management system, jointly developed by Nexter and EADS Defense Electronics and the Intertechnique ROB4 muzzle velocity radar system. The gun can be adjusted in and out in less than a minute.

The configuration of the weapons system and the provision of hydraulic propulsion gave it approximately 30 seconds to get the Caesar out of the battery. A unit of eight Caesar self-propelled artillery vehicles can expel, in less than a minute, more than 1 ton of projectiles, 1,500 bombs, or 48 smart anti-tank rounds on targets at a distance of up to 40 km.

Caesar 155mm Artillery System Fire Control

The French Army Caesar is integrated with the Thales Land system and the Joint Systems Atlas C4I artillery (command, control, communications and intelligence). The system provides an onboard terminal for real-time communication and management of firing sequences.

Caesar 155mm Artillery System Navigation and Control

The Caesar weapons system has autonomous capabilities, due to its inertial navigation system and ballistic computer. A SAGEM Sigma 30 navigation system and global positioning system (GPS) were installed avoiding the need for a topography team and goniometers.

Caesar 155mm Artillery Ammunition

Ogre shells, serially produced for the French Army, are anti-tank and fragmentation bombs that emit a shell for use against relatively unprotected area targets such as command posts, artillery batteries, light armored vehicles, or logistics sites.

The Ogre took out 63 bombs, each equipped with a self-destruct mechanism. The Bomblet is capable of penetrating more than 90mm of armor. The six-shell Ogre charge released 378 bombs to cover an area of 3 hectares at a distance of 35 km. Basic cartridges provide much higher range by filling a vacuum and reducing turbulence behind the projectile without losing accuracy.

The maximum range of the extended range full bore-base bleed (ERFB-BB) bullet is up to 42 km. For information, with the sophistication of the Caesar Self-Propelled Howitzer, the military of the Ukrainian Army once injured a former spaceman from Russia in an attack in 2022.

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