Nato Says Ukraine Could Take Advantage Of Conflict With Russia

Nato Says Ukraine Could Take Advantage Of Conflict With Russia
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speaks during a news conference along with the European Parliament President Roberta Metsola (not pictured) at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, April 28, 2022. REUTERS/Johanna Geron

International Military - The Russian invasion of Ukraine is still ongoing today. The invasion, which began on February 24, has raised various pros and cons in various countries. Russia has also received various sanctions from the West, one of which is not being able to receive spare parts for the survival of their aircraft.

However, behind the invasion by Russia, there is a report that comes from the NATO circles regarding Ukraine. Reporting from News Week, NATO circles say it is possible for Ukraine to take advantage of its conflict with Russia.

Ukraine is said to be able to retake the Crimea and Donbas territories from Russia. This opinion emerged after the withdrawal of Russian troops in the Kyiv region and the focus of the attack on the Donbas region.

"I think (Ukraine) can retake Crimea and the Donbas," said the official, who asked not to be named. Although not done in the near future, the official thinks Ukraine can certainly do it.

"Not now, not soon, but if they can continue the fight I think so," he added. On the other hand, the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, Kristina Kvien, has also given the same opinion, Kvien is optimistic that Ukraine will be able to win back the territory they once had.

Meanwhile, a report from the British magazine reported that several British security agencies had full confidence in Zelensky.

They believed that Zelensky and his troops could push the Russians out of Crimea. If Ukraine manages to do that, it will certainly be a blow for Putin. Therefore, Ukraine must decide on tactics and act quickly in the face of war so that it does not drag on.

Meanwhile, intelligence saw that Russia was beginning to falter in the war. The reason, on Wednesday, Putin prioritized to take control in Kharkiv, which is the second largest city in Ukraine.

Then on Thursday, it was reported by Britain's Ministry of Defense that a senior Russian commander had been sacked for poor performance in the war. British officials say Russia is in a difficult position.

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