US Intelligence Says North Korea Will Carry Out 'Provocation' When Joe Biden Arrives In Seoul, Here's Why

US Intelligence Says North Korea Will Carry Out 'Provocation' When Joe Biden Arrives In Seoul, Here's Why
US President Joe Biden will visit South Korea

International Military - It is known that during 2022, North Korea has conducted several nuclear tests despite criticism. North Korea does not seem bothered by the warnings and criticisms that other countries have sent against it.

Reporting from The Defense Post, a South Korean lawmaker has revealed about the tests carried out by North Korea. South Korean lawmakers have said that Kim Jong Un's country could conduct a nuclear test at any time.

Even when the President of the United States (US) Joe Biden came to Seoul, South Korea. "North Korea's preparations for a nuclear test have been completed and they are just looking for the right time," he said.

US intelligence is also thinking about what Kim Jong Un might be planning. US intelligence thinks that Kim Jong Un might carry out a 'provocation' when Joe Biden arrives in Seoul on Friday (20/5/2022) evening.

It is known, this is Joe Biden's first trip to Asia. Elsewhere, a professor at Ewha University, Park Won Gon, said that there would be no way to stop North Korea's actions. Moreover, the relationship between North Korea and the US is difficult.

North Korea is known to be busy with high cases of Covid-19. But that is unlikely to affect Pyongyang's readiness for a nuclear test.

Quoted from the Bangkok Post, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that North Korea's nuclear test might actually happen. Because, judging from satellite imagery, North Korea appears to be preparing to conduct their seventh nuclear test.

"North Korea wants to attract global attention by conducting a nuclear test during President Biden's visit," said Cheong Seong Chang at a center for Korean studies.

Previously, Biden had said that problems related to North Korea's nuclear test could not be solved by impromptu meetings alone. An impromptu meeting will not bring him to light, as Trump has previously done.

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