Responding to Finland and Sweden's Participation With NATO, Russia Creates 12 New Military Bases

Responding to Finland and Sweden's Participation With NATO, Russia Creates 12 New Military Bases
Russian President Vladimir Putin (center), Sergei Soygu, Russian Defense Minister (right), accompanied by Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov

International Military - More than 80 days of fighting between Russia and Ukraine have passed, and nothing has come to light so far. As for Russia, tensions are rising among its officials due to the high likelihood of Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

In response, Russia announced that it would build more military bases in the western region of its country. Western allies assess the new base not only increases the threat to Ukraine, but also to other NATO countries, such as Latvia and Estonia in the Baltic Sea.

Russia will set up 12 new military bases in its western region in response to Finland and Sweden applying for NATO membership, Defense View reports. "In response to the growing military threat on Russia's borders, we will build 12 military bases which will be operational by the end of the year," said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Finland and Sweden NATO membership and Putin's response

On May 18, the two countries officially signed up to join the Western defense alliance. Their alibi is a concern amid growing security threats fueled by Russia's special operations in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin considers that the joining of Finland and Sweden to NATO does not pose a threat to Russia, citing Defense View. According to him, Putin is worried if both countries increase their military infrastructure, as happened in Ukraine.

The process of joining the two countries is expected to run quickly, despite the rejection from Turkey.

What will happen to Russia if that happens?

There are several reasons why Russia views Finland and Sweden joining NATO as a threat to their country's security. One of them if NATO wants, they can surround Russia by creating a blockade between Estonia and Finland. Estonia is already a member of the Western allies, citing Defense View.

If that happened, the Russians' movement would be disrupted as they crossed the Baltic Sea, and it's possible that their maritime trade would come to a halt.

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