Just Delivered, Ukrainian Su-25 Fighter Jet Has Shot Down By Russian Missile

Just Delivered, Ukrainian Su-25 Fighter Jet Has Shot Down By Russian Missile
Images said to show the wreckage of the Sukhoi-25

International Military - In a short time, Ukraine has received tons of military equipment from various countries. It should be noted that there was no coordination and command center for this weapon transfer three months ago. It is one or two of these countries that send the most aid to Ukraine, namely the US and the UK.

Not so long ago, the two countries worked separately, but when military aid reached the billions, the process had to be adjusted. Britain created a piece of software, which people in Ukraine could use to send requests for weapons supplies.

Quoted from Defense View, in early April, the US and UK aid efforts went hand in hand. Since then, activities have become increasingly complex as the needs of the Ukrainian army have grown. Ranging from light weapons such as anti-tank missiles such as the Javelin or Stinger portable bazooka to heavy weapons, such as fighter jets, tanks, and artillery.

And as additional information, the Ukrainian military was previously equipped with Russian weapons systems, so aid from the West is another problem. Ukrainian soldiers must receive training before operating this package of military aid from the West. This training also requires coordination, several countries sent Ukrainian soldiers to Eastern Europe to provide training.

Canada is training Ukrainian soldiers using US-supplied artillery. There are also countries from Eastern Europe that are helping Ukraine by dismantling Su-25 fighter jets and Mi-17 multi-role helicopters. This they did so that they could be smuggled into Ukraine, the "scraps" of both the Su-25 and Mi-17 would be easier to ship than when they were whole.

According to a report from Defense View, Ukraine has received 14 Su-25 fighter jets and 14 helicopter gunships consisting of 8 Mi-24V and 6 Mi-35 units from Eastern European countries. The Allies agreed to upgrade the Ukrainian air fleet with Su-25 fighter jets.

Launching Defense View, the number of Su-25s in Ukraine before the war was only 10 units. And that number increased after the allies agreed to smuggle a number of Su-25 fighter jets. And it requires approval from the US, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on April 19 that Ukraine had received "spare parts" from partner countries.

The spare parts are believed to be the dismantled Su-25 and some are indeed spare parts for the Su-25 already in the Ukrainian arsenal. The support of these allies has significantly increased Ukraine's air capabilities and its military, such as attacks on the town of Bucha in Kyiv Oblast and elsewhere.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet it received from its Eastern European partner. On May 6, Ukraine received another 14 Su-25s. However, it didn't take long for Russia to start hunting down and shooting down the fighter jet. "We have destroyed a large arsenal of weapons in the Dnipro region and in the Krivy Rih, as well as shot down a Su-25 near Novogrigorovka," said Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian special operations in Ukraine continue to develop, according to Defense View, it was reported that the first Su-25 was shot down at Novogrigorovka, the second at Bavinkovo ​​in the Kharkiv region. "The Russian air defense missile system shot down 1 Su-25 fighter jet near the settlement of Novogrigorovka in the Dnipro region. Our missiles also managed to shoot down 4 drones in the Kharkiv, Dnipro and Donetsk regions," added Igor Konashenkov in Defense View.

To date, there have been 62 command centers, 596 military areas, 52 artillery pieces, 183 aircraft, 128 helicopters, 1049 drones, 325 air defense missile systems, 3 thousand tanks, 309 armored vehicles, 447 rocket launchers, 1,722 mobile cannons, and 3,270 military vehicles that have been destroyed by Russia.

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