Not Include Charger in Box, Apple and Samsung Threatened With Fines

Not Include Charger in Box, Apple and Samsung Threatened With Fines

Some time ago, Apple and Samsung have decided not to include chargers in their boxes. Apple does this trick to protect the environment from useless buildup. However, it seems that this actually invites controversy from some parties who feel aggrieved.

Reporting from the India Times, the Ministry of Justice in Brazil has revealed that more than 900 Procon departments have reported the absence of chargers in Apple and Samsung boxes. Which in this case, the rights group will take action for Samsung and Apple for not including charging in the box.

The department also revealed that they will present the case while offering a solution. This offer of sanctions can previously be concluded in relation to the fines that are likely to be given to Apple and Samsung.

Not only that, quoted from the Phone Arena page, it was also said that a Brazilian judge said that Apple should reimburse consumers. This happens because the iPhone they buy is not equipped with charging which is certainly a violation of consumer laws in that country.

The law is contained in article 39 of the Consumer Code (CDC) in Brazil. The content of which contains a Brazilian tentant banning what is known as the "sale of ties". The Act also prevents Apple from selling iPhones and chargers separately.

Related to this, it is reported that the consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo has fined Apple the equivalent of 2.1 million US dollars. However, it is still not clear whether this fine is included in the two producers or not.

Reportedly at this time for Samsung has begun to take several actions to avoid this. In Brazil for the non flagship Samsung Galaxy, it has currently shipped complete with a temporary charger. As for other countries, it still ships without charging.

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