After The Ukrainian Su-25 Fighter Jet, The Bushmaster Armored Vehicle From Australia Was Also Destroyed

After The Ukrainian Su-25 Fighter Jet, The Bushmaster Armored Vehicle From Australia Was Also Destroyed
The Australian Bushmaster armored vehicle for Ukraine has also been destroyed by Russia /Defense View

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- It is no secret that since the beginning of the conflict with Russia Ukraine has received a lot of help from foreign countries. At first countries such as the United States and its allies only wanted to help in logistics, such as clothing, food, bulletproof vests and the like.

Starting in April, Ukraine's allies began to dare to send heavier weapons, such as fighter jets, tanks and artillery. According to a report from Defense View, Ukraine has received 14 Su-25 fighter jets and 14 helicopter gunships consisting of 8 Mi-24Vs and 6 Mi-35s. But unfortunately, not all of these weapons support can be relied on, starting from the Su-25 fighter jet. Western allies agreed to increase Ukraine's air fighter fleet with Su-25 fighter jets.

Citing Defense View, the number of Su-25s in Ukraine before the war was only 10. And that number increased after the allies agreed to smuggle a number of Su-25 fighter jets. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on April 19 that Ukraine had received "spare parts" from partner countries.

The spare parts are believed to be the dismantled Su-25 and some are indeed spare parts for the Su-25 already in the Ukrainian arsenal. The support of these allies has significantly increased Ukraine's air capabilities and its military, such as attacks on the town of Bucha in Kyiv Oblast and elsewhere.

But even the Su-25 assistance did not last long, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet. On May 6, Ukraine received another 14 Su-25s. However, it didn't take long for Russia to start hunting down and shooting down the fighter jet. "We have destroyed a large armory in the Dnipro region and in Krivy Rih, as well as shot down a Su-25 near Novogrigorovka," said Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry.

Russian special operations in Ukraine are continuing to develop, citing Defense View reporting that the first Su-25 was shot down at Novogrigorovka, the second at Bavinkovo ​​in the Kharkiv region. "Russian air defense missile systems shot down 1 Su-25 fighter jet near the settlement of Novogrigorovka in the Dnipro region," added Igor Konashenkov.

The "Bushmaster" armored vehicle donated by the Australian Government was also reported to have been destroyed by Russia. Launching Defense View, this Bushmaster was destroyed during the battle on the border between Donetsk and Luhansk.

Please note, Australia sent 20 Bushmasters to Ukraine last April following a request for weapons from Kyiv. The 20 armored vehicles worth USD 50 million arrived in Ukraine in late April, along with an aid package worth USD 26.5 million in weapons and ammunition.

Armored vehicles such as the Bushmaster have undergone many modifications for different countries or for peacekeeping operations. Bushmasters are usually painted olive green and are equipped with a radio, GPS and additional bolt guards.

The production of the manufacturer in Australia is capable of carrying up to 10 personnel or soldiers in all types of battlefields, this vehicle is also resistant to explosions, quoted Defense View.Defense View added, the cabin design provides high flexibility to make it easier for soldiers to carry out many types of missions. The armor protected the soldiers inside from small arms ammunition, as did the bulletproof windows.

Bushmaster fuel and hydraulic tanks are located outside the crew compartment, protecting soldiers from possible fires.

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