7 List of Naval Countries That Have No Marines - International Military

7 List of Naval Countries That Have No Marines - International Military
7 List of Naval Countries That Have No Marines

International Military - This is the navy of a country that does not have a sea. Some countries in this world do not have a sea area or are surrounded by land. However, some of these countries still have navies. The navies in countries that do not have a sea area are deliberately set up to operate in rivers and lakes.

The reason for establishing a navy in a country that does not have a sea is even more logical when these countries have a border area in the form of a large lake or river. In order to maintain the sovereignty of their territorial waters, an armed navy is still established.

The following are 7 navies from countries that do not have a sea.

1. Azerbaijan Navy

Azerbaijan is a former Soviet Union country that has no sea and is bordered by the Caucasus Mountains. However, Azerbaijan also borders the Caspian Sea. However, the Caspian Sea is actually the largest lake in the world that does have characteristics like the sea. The lake is very wide, salty water, and has a shore like a coastal area.

Citing The World Geography, the Azerbaijan Navy, which was established in 1919, has been operating in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea within its territory. Their navy is about 5,000 personnel in sixteen units including the Caspian Flotilla and the Border Coast Guard.

2. Kazakhstan Navy

Just like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan is also a landlocked country and borders the Caspian Sea. On May 7, 2003, the Kazakhstan Navy was created by presidential decree. They operate in the Caspian Sea and are based in Aktau. The Kazakh Navy has a force of 3,000 personnel and is equipped with 14 coast patrol boats. In 2011, a naval aviation base was opened in Aktau.

3. Turkmen Navy

Turkmenistan is also a country operating in the Caspian Sea. The Turkmen naval force is currently led by the Border Guard Service and consists of about 700 soldiers and sixteen patrol boats.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies reports that Turkmenistan formed a navy in 2007 and has a small base in Turkmenbashy. At that time, they were supported by 1 USCG Point class cutting ship and 5 Kalkan class patrol boats.

4. The Navy of the Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is a mainland country that has a small naval power. Their navy is often referred to as the Army's Second Battalion and patrols the Ubangi River. The river patrol force has about a hundred personnel and operates seven patrol boats.

5. Bolivian Navy

The Bolivian Navy has several thousand personnel to guard their territorial waters. When the force was formed, Bolivia had access to the Pacific Ocean, but lost control of its coastal areas in the Pacific War.

Today, the Bolivian Navy patrols Lake Titicaca and Bolivia's major rivers. They also have a naval unit permanently stationed in the city of Rosario, Argentina. For some Bolivians, the Navy serves as a symbol that the country is not giving up on regaining its lost access to the sea.

6. Paraguayan Navy

Although Paraguay is a landlocked country, they have a strong naval tradition based on the fact that they have access to the Atlantic Ocean via the Paraguay–ParanĂ¡ rivers. The Paraguayan Navy has twelve bases. Its main base is Puerto Saxony in Asuncion.

Naval personnel including Marine Corps aviation personnel, and naval guards number about 1,950 people. The Marine Corps has 800 marines, 400 of whom are assigned to a commando unit and the rest are organized into a battalion of three companies.

7. Laos Navy

Laos is the only ASEAN country that does not have a sea area or landlocked. However, they still have some military personnel in the waters. The Lao People's Navy operates patrol boats on the Mekong River which is a major feature of the country's geography.

Laos is estimated to operate two or three dozen small patrol boats. Since the Mekong forms a sizeable part of the Laotian border, the Navy is significantly involved in the border control work. That's 7 navies from countries that do not have a sea. Several other countries that also do not have an ocean but have a navy include Uganda, Rwanda, and Serbia.

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