First in ASEAN, Indonesia Develops 'Rajata' Suicide Drone - International Military

First in ASEAN, Indonesia Develops 'Rajata' Suicide Drone - International Military
First in ASEAN, Indonesia Develops 'Rajata' Suicide Drone

International Military - The conflict between Russia and Ukraine can be viewed from a different perspective. It's not just a matter of interest, but the war itself can be a story in itself. There, one could say drones filled the skies of battle.

Between the two sides, both Ukraine and Russia are using this unmanned system. It could be that the war there became a historic moment for the massive deployment of drones. In fact, there are many military analysts who assess the potential of this weapon system.

In the future, the importance of crew or humans on the battlefield will decline. More unmanned systems will be released into the battlefield. Why not, unmanned systems such as flying drones are considered cheap, but have high accuracy. One of them is the kamikaze drone, or suicide.

Instead of firing or dropping bombs, he rammed himself into the target. Because the drone itself contains a warhead. And not many countries are able to develop this type of drone. But Indonesia became the first in Southeast Asia to give birth to it.

The ability of Indonesian youth is unquestionable. Indonesia as the largest country in Southeast Asia does need to have qualified human resources. This largest archipelagic country also has its own obstacles in maintaining its territorial sovereignty.

The weapon system becomes necessary for Indonesia to protect its territory from outside attacks. Given that the chaos in the South China Sea has not subsided, Indonesia cannot remain silent. Not long ago, PT Dahana demonstrated its newest military work by launching a Loitering Munition called Rajata. The soft launching event was attended by the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Defense, as well as the Indonesian Army Infantry Weapons Center.

Rajata Suicide Drone - PT Dahana Indonesia

PT Dahana released Rajata at the Army Pussenif Office, Cipatat, Bandung, Friday, July 22, 2022. Rajata itself is a kamikaze, or suicide drone, intended to execute targets. Suhendra Yusuf RPN, Director of Technology and Development of PT Dahana said, “Rajata is a high-tech destructive weapon that can be used to destroy targets automatically without being controlled. This technology is new and the first to be produced in Southeast Asia," he continued, on the website.

“Rajata's technology allows the personnel who use it to destroy targets without the enemy knowing. This drone can be an alternative solution for using missiles because it is more economical in value, and has a much higher accuracy rate compared to rockets," added Suhendra.

Loitering Munition itself is an unmanned system or drone that performs self-destruction or self-detonation. Drones like Rajata will go around (loiters) in the target area to find targets before attacking. Such systems are usually used to attack targets that require a quick response when detected.

One of the directors of PT Dahana also claimed regarding the ability of the Rajata drone, "This has the potential to be used in all dimensions of the TNI's defense, both for land and sea fleets and even on TNI-AU aircraft as additional weapons."

Kamikaze drones made by the nation's children will later compete with Russia's Kalashnikov, Polish Warmate, American Switchblade, and Israel's Hero-30. As an interesting fact, the name Rajata is taken from the Sanskrit language which means destroyer.

Suhendra continued, in the future PT Dahana will open opportunities to collaborate with various parties related to the development of the Rajata drone. Not only the defense industry, Dahana also opens the door to other parties. PT Dahana itself will be concerned about building the Triple Helix Concept in developing Rajata. Suhendra Yusuf RPN himself believes that Rajata will penetrate the global market.

PT Dahana is a member of the Defense Industry BUMN holding. The company has created military explosives products by the Energetic Material Center. Some of the products that Dahana has successfully produced include P series bombs, defense rockets, anti-tank weapons, and several other high-energy products.

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