Russia Must Be Alert, Ukrainian President Reveals 5 Points Plan To Defeat Russian Troops

Russia Must Be Alert, Ukrainian President Reveals 5 Points Plan To Defeat Russian Troops
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Reveals 5 Points Plan To Defeat Russian Troops

International Military - If there is a question, why has Ukraine been able to survive against Russia until now? The answer is because of the massive supply of weapons that has come since the start of the war, February 2022. That's according to analysts' explanations regarding the ongoing war. Ukraine is not a country with military power that the world views.

It is different with Russia, a superpower that is feared by many countries, especially Western affiliates. The weapons aid that Ukraine receives is a crucial reason. With that much help, it is believed to be the reason they can face Russia. Even if arms supplies to Ukraine continue, next year will be the last time Russia can face Ukraine.

Quoted from Defense View, the West and NATO agreed to continue to send more and more powerful weapons to Ukraine. And they all intend to increase the military power of Ukraine in the future. Germany has just approved 18 RCH-155 mobile artillery units. Turkey is also close to completing two orders for Ukrainian warships, namely Ada Class corvettes, which will be delivered starting next year. The warship is believed to be tough against air, sea, and submarine enemies. The 2,400-ton ship will later be able to fire Mika missiles, missiles that have high speed, accuracy and better reaction speed.

At the same time, Ukraine itself is increasing the development and production of ballistic and cruise missiles. Reportedly, Ukraine is building a 500-kilometer Hrim-2 ballistic missile project. They are also working on various long-range missiles such as long-range air defense systems.

It didn't stop there, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky apparently had a plan to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin's troops. This he made in his speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), Wednesday, September 21, 2022.

The Ukrainian president reportedly expressed his grievances virtually. There, Zelensky laid out his plan to end this protracted war. There are 5 points in it which are quoted from 19fortyfive.

1. Punishment for attackers (Russia)
2. Protection of life, namely logistical assistance and weapons for Ukraine.
3. Strengthen security and territorial integrity
4. Security guarantee
5. Determination to achieve all that

Zelensky was convinced that the majority of the two supported him and condemned Russia. After stating the 5 points, the Ukrainian president also called for a special court to punish Russia for its aggression.

In general, Zelensky “asked” his allies to make his plan a success. They are punishment for aggressors, protection of life, restoration of territorial integrity, security guarantees, and global support.

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