After 6 Months of Fighting, 970 Russian Tanks Destroyed And 18,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Died

After 6 Months of Fighting, 970 Russian Tanks Destroyed And 18,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Died
970 Russian Tanks Destroyed And 18,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Died After 6 Months of Fighting

Kiev - It's been 6 months since the Russia-Ukraine war has raged, both sides have suffered considerable losses. Russia is estimated to have lost about 970 tanks and at least 18,000 Ukrainians died on the battlefield.

No official data or figures have been released by either side, but a number of foreign media have tried to calculate the losses suffered by Russia and Ukraine through various sources and evidence on the ground.

The figures, compiled by the New York Times from political sources, estimate Russia has lost at least 5,300 vehicles, including 970 main battle tanks. To find out the number of casualties of military forces is certainly more difficult to trace.

A month ago, Washington said Moscow had lost (killed and wounded) about 75,000 troops, knowing Russia at the start of the war had 150,000 troops. Read also; Old Tanks on the Frontline, Russia Deploys T-72 and Ukraine Relys on T-64 Of course the figures are disputed by Moscow, which has not updated its own tally in five months.

It is known that on March 25, Russia admitted 1,351 victims in its special operation to Ukraine. Independent Russian media quoted by La Vanguardia claimed to have confirmed the deaths of more than 4,500 soldiers, while Ukraine said earlier this month that its enemy's toll had surpassed 40,000. In the same count, the Kiev authorities say Russia lost nearly 1,770 tanks in battle.

Quoted from Bulgarian Military, photo and video evidence collected by the special Dutch military intelligence portal Oryx shows Russia lost at least 970 tanks in six months. This includes 524 T-74 tanks (in various variants), 184 T-80 tanks, 22 T-90 tanks, one T-62 tank, 39 T-64 tanks and 199 tanks of unidentified models.

Of the total 970 tanks lost by Russia, 594 were destroyed, 38 were damaged, 51 were abandoned and 287 were captured by Ukrainian forces. In addition, according to the images received, Moscow has also lost 501 armored fighting vehicles since the end of February in Ukraine.

Consists of 1,060 infantry fighting vehicles; 142 armored personnel carriers; 30 Mine-Resistant and Raid Vehicles [MRAP]; 144 infantry mobility vehicles, including 23 Iveco LMVs similar to the Spanish Lince. Plus 161 self-propelled artillery installations; 1,437 jeeps and trucks; 52 aircraft [including 20 Su-25, 7 Su-24 and 10 Su-30], 50 helicopters and 11 ships.

The Ukrainian side admitted in June that it was losing about a hundred soldiers on the front lines every day. If averaged, it means the loss of military personnel as a whole is around 18,000 soldiers. As for war machine losses based on images compiled by Oryx show that Kiev has lost 240 battle tanks, [104 captured and 124 destroyed].

Then about 131 armored combat vehicles; 120 infantry fighting vehicles; 96 armored personnel carriers; 132 infantry mobility vehicles; and 53 self-propelled artillery guns destroyed. Plus 42 aircraft [including 11 MiG-29s, 11 Su-24s and 9 Su-25s]; 13 helicopters; 19 boats and 342 off-road vehicles and trucks.

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