US Navy Zumwalt-Class Warships To Be Armed With Long Range Hypersonic Missiles

US Navy Zumwalt-Class Warships To Be Armed With Long Range Hypersonic Missiles
The US Navy Zumwalt-Class Warships

International Military - Zumwalt class warships will be armed with the first long-range hypersonic. Mississippi-based shipyard Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) will soon complete the installation.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, please note that the mainstay of this Zumwalt class destroyer is the Advanced Gun System (AGS). The AGS is a naval artillery system developed to provide long-range fire support against shore-based targets.

A total of six systems were installed, two on each of the three Zumwalt-class ships. Earlier this year it was revealed that the Navy would replace the two 155mm Advanced Gun System mounts on each ship with tubes.

This is done to fit the Common Hypersonic Glide Body (C-HGB) Vertical Launch System developed for the Army, Air Force and Navy. The AGS, which extends several floors below the bow of the ship and houses magazines for rocket-launched Long Range Ground Attack Projectiles.

Later, it was designed around the 16,000-ton ship. After the LRLAP program was canceled in 2016, the Navy abandoned the idea.

Quoted from Naval News, with a weight of more than 15,000 tons, the Zumwalt Class is quite large by destroyer standards. Even so, Zumwalt had problems. Where their advanced weapons systems are not as well armed as one would expect.

Therefore, the upgrade will arm them with Conventional Prompt Strike (CPS) hypersonic missiles. The CPS is a non-nuclear strategic hypersonic weapon system. Great distance (hundreds, maybe thousands of miles), incredible speed (Mach 5+, probably much faster). It also has great agility which offers new capabilities to US planners.

The missile will utilize the Common Hypersonic Glide Body warhead. There are different but closely related weapons that the US Navy's surface ships and submarines will carry. However, sources indicate that it is still undecided how many CPS missiles the Zumwalt class will carry.

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