Even Though At War, Russia Will Still Showcase New MiG-31 Foxhound Fighter Jets

Even Though At War, Russia Will Still Showcase New MiG-31 Foxhound Fighter Jets
The Russian Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound Fighter Jets

Moscow - Russia is getting more stable with its air power even though it is being hit by war and sanctions in the world. This time, Russia announced it would introduce the MiG as a new jet. To be more precise, it is the MiG-31l jet that will be featured at the Army 2022 international military technical forum.

The event is slated to run from August 15-22 and traditionally features some of the country's most advanced weapons systems on display.

Quoted from Military Watch Magazine, this aircraft will appear next to the MiG-31BM/BSM Foxhound interceptor. As is well known, the new MiG-31 will further expand the range of roles that the Foxhound airframe can fulfill in Russian service.

Please note, the MiG-31 airframe has no foreign counterparts in terms of carrying capacity, size, speed or altitude. The fleet of MiG-31 interceptors has also received considerable upgrades starting in the early 2010s.

There are new features as well, as well as compatibility with new classes of defensive infrared missiles that are continuously being integrated. With direct successors to the MiG-31, the MiG-31M and MiG 702 were both canceled during the 1990s due to lack of funds.

The former although construction has been completed, a new successor is under development under the PAK DP program. After all, Foxhounds could remain operational until and perhaps beyond the 2030s. It is used including for ballistic missile delivery and space warfare regardless of whether the interceptor variant is replaced.

As is known, Russia also took part in acquiring the MiG-41 fighter jet. Quoted from migflug.com, the current name of the project is MiG-41 with a projected speed of more than Mach 4.0.

According to renowned Russian experimental pilot Anatoliy Kvochur, the MiG-41 will be capable of reaching speeds of up to Mach 4.3 (about 5270km/h or 3270mph).

In fact, not much is known about this modern military project. This project was made with the utmost secrecy. Despite this, deputy Alexander Tarnaev on the Defense Committee of the Russian State Duma said this during an interview at the Cultural Center of the Russian Armed Forces.

As is well known, the new MiG will be based on the Foxhound as Tarnaev also said this about the project. To do this, they needed a test platform, which may be the reason why hundreds of MiG-31s ​​will be overhauled and put into service with the Russian Air Force.

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