Uralvagonzavod Company Delivers T-90M Main Battle Tank to Russian Ministry of Defense

Uralvagonzavod Company Delivers T-90M Main Battle Tank to Russian Ministry of Defense
The Russian T-90M Main Battle Tank

International Military - Russian state-owned company Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) has delivered another batch of T-90M main battle tanks to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. This also includes the delivery of the BREM-1M armored recovery vehicle (ARV).

The delivery of these tanks raises questions about the status of the UVZ. This is because UVZ has been reported to have stopped production several times since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Quoted from Military Leak, this shipment ultimately does not prove that the company has run out of spare parts. This actually proves that the company can produce vehicles indefinitely. Because of the possibility, the company had acquired enough spare parts for the extensive production of the T-90M before the war. It is known, the first three deliveries totaled up to 26 tanks.

Quoted from Bulgarian Military from an article published in July 2022, military analysts predict some of the difficulties faced by the Russian manufacturer Uralvagonzavod. One of them is Russia's influence on the war in Ukraine, where the country 'throws' a lot of armored vehicles.

However, such armored vehicles cost Russia a lot of tanks. The production problems for Uralvagonzavod were also significant. In addition to the lack of components and parts and the cessation of the supply of Western technology to Russia, Uralvagonzavod faces cooperative problems throughout the industrial chain.

For example, when the company lost contracts and orders because another Russian manufacturer Barnaul Machine-Building Plant lost customers. This includes countries from North America, India, China, and Egypt.

Quoted from the Bulgarian Military, Uralvagonzavod even refused to repair a tank that burned down due to the war in Ukraine. The company is also experiencing serious financial problems due to obligations to Russian companies. But unexpectedly, it turned out that the T-90M ordered by Russia was finally delivered today.

Please note, the T-90 is the third generation Russian main battle tank. The T-90 was designed and built by Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. This tank entered the service of the Russian Army in 1992.

Meanwhile, the newest T 90M 'Proryv' tank has received an essentially new turret. This includes the supply of the 2A46M-5 gun and the new 1130 hp V-92S2F engine.

The main feature of this tank is the modernization of the old turret design which is equipped with the new advanced fire control system “Kalina”. Then, there's also increased armor on the ammo carousel and the new 2A46M-5 upgraded cannon, as well as long-range missile-proofing.

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