Ukraine and Turkey to produce Airframe, Electronics, to Software Bayraktar TB-2 In Ukrainian Factory

Ukraine and Turkey to produce Airframe, Electronics, to Software Bayraktar TB-2 In Ukrainian Factory
Ukraine and Turkey to produce Airframe, Electronics, to Software Bayraktar TB-2 In Ukrainian Factory

Kiev - Ukraine will produce the airframe, electronics, and software for the Bayraktar TB-2. It is known, the Turkish company Baykar intends to build a factory in Ukraine. Not only factories, but also research centers and advanced production centers for the production of the Bayraktar TB-2 attack drone.

This was directly expressed by the General Director of Haluk Bayraktar who told Taras Chmut about Turkish company Baykar's investment in Ukraine. “We see Ukraine as our strategic partner. We have long-term plans for projects with Ukraine, and in fact, we have many projects.

Baykar has started to build a factory in Ukraine, a research center and an advanced manufacturing center where we want to manufacture all the systems," he said, as quoted by Bulgarian Military.

"Not only the airframe but also electronics, software – everything we do here [in Turkey]. We have such a vision. In this regard, our investment plans are on the way. We are in the project planning stage for this deal. We also want to immediately start a real investment," he said.

"We already have a structure, a company in Ukraine. We already have a technical engineering team working to support Ukraine. But now we want to make Ukraine a production base. This is one of our goals," Haluk Bayraktar said.

In response to this, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine sent to the Verkhovna Rada a bill that would allow the construction of factories for the production and maintenance of drones by the company Baykar in Ukraine.

It is about the ratification of the agreement between Ukraine and Turkey on cooperation in the high-tech, aviation and space industries. "Among other things, this will make it possible to build in Ukraine a factory for the production and maintenance of the famous Bayraktar drones," said the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The agreement between the Ukrainian and Turkish governments was signed by Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov and Turkey's Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank in early February 2022.

Reporting from, the Bayraktar TB-2 is an Armed System/Tactical UAV developed and manufactured by Baykar. A highly sophisticated design that provides all the solutions an operator may need in one integrated system.

This system consists of the Bayraktar TB-2 Armed/UAV Platform, Ground Control Station, Ground Data Terminal, Remote Display Terminal, Advanced Base with Generator and Trailer modules.

The Bayraktar TB-2 is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE), a Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle capable of performing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and armed attacks. The onboard avionics suite with a triple avionics system includes units that allow for fully autonomous taxiing, takeoff, landing and cruise.

As is well known, Bayraktar TB-2 achieved its popularity during the war in Ukraine. As a result of this, the drone also attracted the interest of many other countries.

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