The New Capabilities T-90M 'Breakthrough', Russia's Main Battle Tank After Modernization

the New Capabilities T 90M 'Breakthrough', Russia's Main Battle Tank After Modernization
Russian Main Battle Tank T-90M After Modernization

Moscow - Russia has recently received the latest batch of T-90M 'Breakthrough' main battle tanks. This tank comes from the Uralvagonzavod company which was ordered some time ago.

It is known, the Russian Ministry of Defense has planned the acquisition of about 600 units of the T-90M. However, most of the tanks will still be developed by modernizing the older T-90s that are already in service.

Quoted from Military Watch Magazine, this tank first entered service in the Russian Army in April 2020. This came after testing was completed two months earlier with important features.

This tank is not only much more survivable, it can also maintain much better situational awareness, this is affected by its network centric warfare capabilities. It also includes modern thermal landscapes. Meanwhile, its new main cannon makes it possible to deploy more types of new bullets.

Quoted from CGTN, the T-90M is protected by Relikt explosive reactive armor. This armor is protective against tandem warheads. Significantly, this can reduce the penetration of armor-stabilized fin throw sabot rounds. It also has a countermeasure that triggers the release of smoke grenades.

This can occur if the tank is subjected to a laser beam, reducing the chance of being hit by a semi-automatic guided anti-tank weapon. On the offensive side, the T 90M has an improved firing system.

Through a panoramic thermal sight, the tank commander can identify the target, the gun is locked and the gunner completes the aiming and firing procedure, while the commander searches for another target.

The gun itself has a longer range and is up to 20 percent more accurate than its predecessor. It can fire 125 mm ammunition or anti-tank missiles with a range of up to five kilometers.

In addition, it can also attack low-flying helicopters. The T-90M has a remote-controlled 7.62 mm machine gun and 12.7 mm heavy machine gun. Both are operated under protection.

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