Targeting African Market, South Korea Promotes FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft to Egypt

Targeting African Market, South Korea Promotes FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft to Egypt
South Korea Promotes FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft to Egypt

Seoul - South Korean aerospace manufacturer Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) targets the African and Middle Eastern markets. It is known, Egypt is the strongest candidate at this time.

Quoted from the Korea Times, a delegation consisting of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), the South Korean Air Force and KAI flew to Cairo on August 3.

On that occasion, they tried to promote the FA 50 trainer jet in the 2022 Pyramid Air Show. The participation of the trainer jet from South Korea or South Korea is indeed not without reason.

It is estimated that Egypt will acquire about 100 trainer jets. Egypt could be the second largest customer for the FA-50 after the US Air Force and Navy, which ordered up to 500 units.

As noted above, Seoul sees how important the Egyptian market is to South Korea. Egypt is selecting candidates for its air force in 2023. Despite having many competitors, KAI is quite confident that its product, the FA-50, is a potential choice for Egypt.

Egypt itself is one of the largest operators of the F-16 fighter jet, with more than 160 units in service. Quoted from Aviaci Online, the FA-50 is designed to facilitate and speed up the transition of pilots to the F-16.

Egypt is working to modernize its armed forces, and that includes its air combat fleet. They had purchased the MiG-29 M/M2 from Russia a few years ago. Then the CH-47F Chinook from the US and 30 new Dassault Rafales from France.

As one of the largest military powers on the continent of Africa and the Middle East, Egypt needs to "maintain" its strength. The Egyptian Air Force needs to replace some of its aging fleet, such as 40 Alpha, Mirage 5E and Mirage 2000 jet trainers.

As already said, the FA-50 can be a “bridge” for pilots to move to a heavyweight fighter jet. In addition to training, the FA-50 can also fight, he can attack air, land and sea targets.

South Korea believes that the technology will enhance Egypt's capabilities. KAI itself as a developer, is trying to sell 1,000 FA-50 units in this decade.

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