List of 5 Most Advanced And Deadly Weapons Owned by Russia - International Military

List of 5 Most Advanced And Deadly Weapons Owned by Russia - International Military
List of 5 Most Advanced And Deadly Weapons Owned by Russia

International Military - The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is heating up. The war that took place between Russia and Ukraine has claimed many lives. The war has been going on since February 24 last.

Until now, the two countries have deployed various kinds of deadly weapons and are quite effective in attacking opponents. Russia is known to be quite active in producing defense equipment. here are 5 lethal weapons owned by the Russian version of the International Military.

1. Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo

Russia is developing a new Poseidon nuclear torpedo. The torpedo is nuclear powered so it will have a very large range. It is reportedly the size of a bus, 7 feet in diameter and 100 tons in weight, and will be armed with nuclear devices. This weapon is scary because it can target US cities on both coasts.

Russia aims to launch the Poseidon from the K-329 Belgorod submarine. Russia could have deployed Poseidon in a different way. It can take an approach so slow that it is difficult to detect or launch from a container on the ocean floor.

2. S-400 Triumf Air Defense System Missile

This S-400 Triumf SAM system is very powerful. It can not only destroy enemy manned aircraft and some drones, but it can also be used against cruise missiles and ballistic missiles up to 250 miles away depending on the missile used.

The S-400 is the next generation variant of the formidable S-300 missile defense system. Each S-400 battery has eight launchers and 32 missiles with mobile radar and command posts. This weapon has served Russia since 2007.

The S-400 is a system that Russia is proud of. This weapon has been successfully sold to several countries such as Turkey, Syria, China, and India. Earlier this year, 80 military representatives from 52 countries witnessed a demonstration of the S-400. The next-generation S-500 system is expected to come out in 2022.

3. Pantsir S-1 Air Defense System Missile

The Pantsir S-1 air defense is a mobile missile launcher that also has anti-aircraft guns. The Pantsir S-1 deploys 12 surface-to-air guided missiles and two 30mm cannons.

In addition to aircraft, the Pantsir can destroy incoming ballistic and cruise missiles as well as precision-guided munitions. Pantsirs have been used in the Syrian civil war, the conflict in the Donbas region, and the most recent Libyan civil war. Other upgraded variants have improved radar, increased detection range, and an effective swivel cannon.

4. Mil Mi-28NM Attack Helicopter

The Mi-28NM Superhunter is a powerful attack helicopter similar to the American AH-64 Apache. It is based on the upgraded Havoc model. New sensors allow it to fly and attack at night.

The newfangled radar allows a 360-degree view along with radar imagery from the ground. The Mi-28NM can go 186 miles per hour with a range of 280 miles.

Fully armed Super Hunter. It has a 30mm cannon, Ataka anti-tank missiles, and rockets. The aircraft was upgraded with all-weather features especially for desert conditions in the Middle East. Superhunters are better able to communicate with reconnaissance and intelligence units on the ground to get to targets more quickly.

5. RS-24 Yars Nuclear ICBM

The ICBM RS -24 Yars is launched in a mobile or silo. It is a three-stage solid-fuel missile. It can deploy three to six independently targeted MIRVs of 150 to 250 kilotons with a range of 6,500 miles.

There were at least 63 Yars mobile and 10 silo-based ICBMs in service as of 2016. The road-mobile version is difficult to detect and takes only seven minutes to prepare for missile launch.

The Yars can also be equipped with the Avangard hypersonic re-entry gliding vehicle. Like all hypersonics in general, it is extremely fast and maneuverable.

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