List of 5 Most Advanced and Deadly Laser Weapons in the World - International Military

List of 5 Most Advanced and Deadly Laser Weapons in the World - International Military
List of 5 Most Advanced and Deadly Laser Weapons in the World

International Military - There are at least five of the most advanced and lethal laser weapons in the world. In technological developments, developed countries continue to develop their military strength, including in terms of combat equipment. One of them that is quite interesting is the laser weapon.

Some people may have seen it in movies or various war games. With advanced capabilities, this weapon is very lethal and proven to be effective in use. In its own position, laser weapons are usually installed on warships, fighter jets, drones, and other combat equipment.

Here are the five most advanced laser weapons in the world that the International Military version needs to know:


Advanced Test High Energy Asset or ATHENA is a 30 kilowatt laser weapon that uses the Accelerated Laser Demonstration Initiative (ALADIN). Technically, ALADIN combines the power of three 10-kilowatt lasers into one, so that it can generate high destructive power.

Quoted from Popular Mechanics, ATHENA itself was designed by Lockheed Martin. The manufacture of laser weapons was driven by the US Military's desire to develop advanced weapons that could take down enemy drones. According to Martin, with a power of 30 kilowatts, the ATHENA is enough to inflict structural damage on the drone and will make it fall to the ground.


The Laser Weapons System Demonstrator (LWSD) is a US Navy laser weapon developed by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Quoted from Naval Technology, LWSD is projected to be the successor to the Laser Weapon System (LaWS).

With a power of 150 kW, the LWSD is one of the most powerful laser weapons in the United States. In fact, when compared to LaWS, its strength is much doubled. In trials conducted on the USS Portland in 2020, this weapon was successful in destroying specified targets such as drones and the like.


The High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System or HELLADS is one of the laser weapons owned by the United States. Initially, its use was intended to strengthen US air defenses.

Quoted from Airforce Technology, this highly destructive laser weapon was developed with a power of 150 kW. Later, this weapon will be integrated into the US Air Force (USAF) tactical aircraft. The USAF plans to arm unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and bombers such as the B-1B with the HELLADS laser.

4. Zadira

Not to be outdone by the US, Russia also has a sophisticated laser weapon called the Zadira. This weapon is the latest generation of laser weapons owned by the Kremlin. Quoted from Republic World, Zadira is claimed to be able to destroy drone targets in the sky in just 5 seconds.

Uniquely, Russia also fielded Zadira in the ongoing war against Ukraine. In this regard, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued Zadira against the Ukrainian-owned Baykar Bayraktar TB2. He claims that Zadira has been tested to destroy Baykar Bayraktar within 5 km in 5 seconds.

5. Peresvet

Apart from Zadira, Russia also has another laser weapon called Peresvet. Deputy Prime Minister and Person in Charge of Military Development, Yury Borisov claimed that his laser weapons will easily destroy the designated drone targets.

Quoted from Wion, Peresvet can be combined with Zadira. In this case, Peresvet's job is to blind the drone's view, while Zadira will act as the executor. In addition, Peresvet can disable enemy satellites and drone reconnaissance systems from a distance of 1,500 kilometers.

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