List of Three Israeli Fighter Jets The Most Advanced in History - International Military

List of Three Israeli Fighter Jets The Most Advanced in History - International Military
List of Three Israeli Fighter Jets The most advanced in history

Tel Aviv - Recently, Israeli warplanes bombarded the Tartus and Damascus areas in Syria. This Israeli action is not the first time this has happened. Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, Israel has carried out numerous attacks using its warplanes. Here are 3 of the most advanced Israeli fighter jets in history.

1. F-35 Adir

The Israeli Air Force F-35 Adir Fighter

The F-35 fighter jet is one of Israel's most famous fighter jets. This American-made fighter jet is manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp.

The F-35 is known as the Joint Strikes Fighter, but Israel named this aircraft the F-35 Adir. The added word “Adir” means mighty in Hebrew. quoted from the official website of the Lockheed Martin company, this fighter has 3 variants, namely the F-35 A, F-35 B, and F-35 C.

Each type has its own advantages, with the F-35A being the most common variant and designed to operate on conventional runways. The F-35B can be used in short runways and vertical landings like a helicopter. While the F-35C is used as a long-range fighter and is operated with aircraft carriers.

In addition, this aircraft has a radar cross section system that minimizes radar detection. The F-35 is equipped with a sensor system capable of providing a number of information and tracking the enemy.

2. F-16I Sufa

The Israeli Air Force F-16I Sufa Fighter

Just like the F-35, the F-16I fighter jet is also an American-made aircraft produced by the Lockheed Martin Corp. company. The word "Sufa" embedded in this plane means storm in Hebrew.

This aircraft is a variant of the F-16D Fighting Falcon Block 50 and 52 fighter jets. The F-16I Sufa fighter jet has been modified with avionics and weapons systems that meet Israeli Air Force standards. With these modifications, the in-flight avionics system is equipped with a general avionics system, color display processors, and an interface system.

In the navigation system, the F-16I Sufa fighter jet has been equipped with a charge-coupled device (CCD) television, laser spot tracker, rangefinder, and infrared marker that can make it easier to identify and track targets. Modifications to the fighter's navigation system also include the Lockheed Martin LANTIRN navigation pod which is capable of navigating in all weather and conditions.

3. F-15I Ra'am

The Israeli Air Force F-15I Ra'am Fighter

The F-15I Ra'am (ra'am means lightning) is an Israeli fighter jet that is equipped with advanced technology and capable weaponry. This aircraft is a modification of the F-15E Strike Eagle which is a superior aircraft designed for ground attack.

This aircraft is capable of striking targets in all conditions and weather. Modified with indigenous Israeli technology, the F-15I Ra'am fighter jet is equipped with a GPS system, Elbit display and Sight helmet (DASH).

Not only that, this fighter jet has the capability to carry various kinds of air-to-surface ammunition such as AIM-120, AIM-7, and AIM-9. The thrust of this aircraft is able to reach twice the Pratt & Whitney F-100 PW series turbo engine so that it can provide considerable performance to the aircraft. The F-15I Ra'am can reach over Mach 2.0 with a combat radius of close to 800 miles.

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