Attacks Russia's Black Sea Fleet Headquarters, Ukraine Uses Only Drones Bought from Alibaba for $8000

Attacks Russia's Black Sea Fleet Headquarters, Ukraine Uses Only Drones Bought from Alibaba for $8000
Attacks Russia's Black Sea Fleet Headquarters, Ukraine Uses Only Drones Bought from Alibaba for $8000

Sevastopol - Ukraine was the largest operator of drones during this war. His conflict with Russia did start with air strikes. Therefore, both Russia and Ukraine rely on fighter jets and drones as their main weapons.

One of the most talked about drones during the war in Ukraine, the Turkish Bayraktar TB2. This drone was predicted as a game changer when the war broke out last February. At that time, the Bayraktar TB2 was the only attack drone in Ukraine's possession. These drones help the Kyiv army confront the Kremlin forces and their military assets.

In fact, the Bayraktar TB2 drone was once an exclusive weapon of the United States Air Force. While it's not currently the most advanced drone, the TB2 is the standard equipment for modern warfare.

In addition to the Bayraktar TB2, there are also drones that come from Germany. Quoted from, the German manufacturer has received orders from Ukraine some time ago. It is known that Kyiv ordered a reconnaissance drone variant. However, there is no further information regarding the procurement of this reconnaissance drone. The drone manufacturer also said it would provide training for Ukrainian operators. This training will usually take more than four days.

The German drone that will be received by Ukraine has advanced technology and is believed to double the strength of the Ukrainian army in terms of reconnaissance. He can fly very “silently”, then provide high-resolution video images. This German remote reconnaissance drone is also equipped with advanced digital connectivity to communicate in real time with other systems.

Finally, there is also a drone that came from the United States called the Scan Eagle. America has sent a number of military aid packages recently. And inside is a small drone that flies at low altitude. Strength is not the selling point of the Scan Eagle drone.

Quoted from Defense View, this drone has a length of 1.2 meters and a wingspan of 3.1 meters. He can fly for 25 hours with a range of up to 1,500 kilometers. This drone is indeed used for reconnaissance missions. Therefore, this drone is equipped with a camera and infrared.

On August 20, Russia's "Black Sea" Naval Headquarters in Sevastopol was reportedly attacked. The attack took place in the morning and is believed to have come from a Ukrainian suicide drone. Interestingly, the drone was purchased on Alibaba's marketplace for just $8,000, the Eurasian Times reported.

Drone on sale on Alibaba

The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SOF) flew the drone after undergoing several modifications, regarding a larger warhead. Russian officials have confirmed the incident and said that there were no casualties on the spot.

It was the second drone strike on the base of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in less than a month. The suicide drone was likely armed only with GPS to aim at it as best it could. However, they could be controlled by a nearby operator there.

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