The Hidden Sophistication of the Incredible Atlantique ATL2 Anti-Submarine Aircraft

The Hidden Sophistication of the Incredible Atlantique ATL2 Anti-Submarine Aircraft
The Atlantique ATL2 Anti-Submarine Aircraft

International Military - Atlantique 2 class anti-submarine aircraft its prowess is extraordinary. It is so extraordinary that the Atlantique 2 anti-submarine aircraft has been widely used in operational tasks. And one of the operations of the Atlantique 2 anti-submarine aircraft is a patrol mission in the Atlantic Ocean.

Quoted from, Atlantique 2 is an updated anti-submarine aircraft variant of the Atlantique 1. As a result, the Atlantique 2 is known as ATL2, which is a direct descendant of the Breguet Atlantic. Atlantique 2 was commissioned in 1989 to date.

It is evident that France is still using the Atlantique 2, which is labeled as the leading anti-submarine aircraft in Europe. Moreover, Atlantique 2 was made by the developer of the Rafale fighter jet, namely Dassault Aviation.

As a result, the Atlantique 2 has the power of 2 x Rolls-Royce Tyne RTy.20 Mk 21 series turboprop engines. With the Atlantique 2's flagship engine, each engine develops 6,100 horsepower. With this, the Atlantique 2 has a maximum speed of 400 mph (643 km/h).

From this maximum speed, the Atlantique 2 has a cruising speed of 200 mph (321 km/h) so that it can patrol with a fairly long range. It is clear that the Atlantique 2 is capable of flying up to a distance of 5,635 miles (9,086 km) and is quite far. And the endurance time of the Atlantique 2 mission can reach 18 hours and is considered ideal for anti-submarine aircraft.

In addition, the Atlantique 2 can operate at low altitudes of 100 feet (30.4 meters). With this low flight, the Atlantique 2's role in launching torpedoes is ideal. While the Atlantique 2 can fly up to an altitude of 30,000 feet (9.1 km) with a record of equipment.

Atlantique 2 also has a climb rate of 2,900 feet per minute. In addition, another major improvement in the Atlantique 2 is the improvement of the acoustic treatment subsystem. The acoustic treatment at Atlantique 2 is called 'Sous-système de traitement acoustique numérique' (STAN).

Atlantique 2's flagship system is capable of operating more sonobuoys than its predecessor. Also useful in scanning a wider range of frequencies in detection than the Atlantique 2. The Atlantique 2 system can also operate the latest US sonobuoys. Included in multi-static mode is the Atlantique 2's mainstay in tracking.

The Atlantique 2 also carries an electro-optical turret (EO) and the Wescam MX-20 has the same as the P-8A. Atlantique 2's advanced technology has been installed on several similar aircraft. And there is the latest information if the Atlantique 2 is currently carrying out its role as an MPA aircraft.

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